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I give this card props for the awesome flavor text and decent art. You gotta have basic commons guys... not every card can be mythic.

2.5/5 - This is as vanilla as it gets.
Posted By: Gaussgoat (9/15/2011 9:11:23 AM)


Interesting to see what each color gets for 3C in M11 at common. Red gets this, Black gets Neither Horror, Blue gets Azure Drake, Green gets Giant Spider, and white gets Assault Griffin. Still not a great card, but an important part of defining what each color does.
Posted By: dgregory (7/31/2010 2:26:49 AM)


@Chamale while that might be the case i belive you also have to consider rarity when determining how beter a card is.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (8/23/2011 2:52:51 PM)


Really dude? You search for an entire list of cards(mostly rares and uncommons) that are better than a core set filler common? And also, I don't think Steamflogger Boss is strictly better as there are no other contraptions and no other Riggers. Also, the flavor is awesome.
@Dr Fletchers
Nope. Gorehorn Minotaurs have RedRed in the mana cost.
Posted By: 1qazxsw (10/15/2011 4:24:28 PM)


really??!!, hill giant you might be wearing a furry suit but we knows it's you and no costume is going to ever make us think your any good
Posted By: Mindbend (7/10/2010 8:51:13 AM)


I like the flavor text.
Posted By: nammertime (7/8/2010 3:03:51 PM)


I want to sit across from each person who has previously commented on this card for a limited game and beat their face in with canyon minotaur.
Posted By: metalevolence (7/25/2010 9:26:50 PM)


Minotaurs should get more tribal support and better minotaurs!
Posted By: Nagoragama (9/5/2010 2:43:05 PM)


The following cards are strictly better:

Steamflogger Boss
War-spike Changeling
Coal Stoker
Furnace Brood
Hatcher Bully
Kavu Runner
Lavaborn Muse
Lord of Shatterskull Pass
Lowland Oaf
Roc of Kher Ridges
Rosheen Meanderer

The following cards are always better in a mono-red deck:

Talruum Minotaur
Stone Giant
Viashino Fangtail
Zerapa Minotaur
Cyclops Gladiator
Flowstone Giant
Goblin Razerrunners
Highland Giant
Lowland Giant
Mudbrawler Raiders
Pardic Arsonist
Raging Minotaur
aut... (see all)
Posted By: Chamale (12/6/2010 8:13:32 PM)


-can't wait to buy some boosters!-
-opens canyon minotaur-
"Noooo!!!! I shoulda bought siiinnglees1"
Posted By: Eternal_Blue (7/9/2010 8:13:20 PM)