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El-Hajjâj - He's watching you... always.
Posted By: Smudger91 (2/1/2013 6:39:27 AM)


I'm glad Oracle reverses that silly 4e Drain Life limit.
Posted By: HuntingDrake (5/17/2013 1:26:01 AM)


Give him Soul Link and Armadillo Cloak with Cradle of Vitality out see how long you laugh!
Trample turns this into functionally life link and so does the cloak so it is 3x life link trample that triples in power each turn.
Posted By: XaiviarNightwing (3/28/2013 5:05:10 PM)


Completely outclassed these days. You'd expect a 1/1 lifelinker to be a 1-drop. In truth, it was never very good in the first place, and it was pretty clear that it deserved to be obsoleted at least from when I started playing in 1996, and I've no doubt, before then too.
Posted By: stygimoloch (11/21/2009 10:53:36 AM)


And this was a rare? Really?
So outclassed today. Look at Nip Gwyllion.
Posted By: Robface (10/17/2010 4:09:37 PM)


I remember actually feeling pain when i got this in a rare slot once. The first trash rare you open stays with you forever. I hate this turd...although he did give birth to the sorceress queen.
Posted By: Laguz (7/1/2010 9:29:36 PM)


Haha, Vampire Nighthawk lol.
Posted By: NuclearMECCA (4/5/2010 5:45:02 PM)


sweet creature type
Posted By: NeverendingDream (7/6/2010 11:42:35 AM)


Contrary to what one may expect at first glance, El-Hajjâj does not, in fact, have lifelink. Its ability is worded differently, thus allowing one to stack the two effects, and gain double the life for the same amount of damage. I'm not claiming that it's good, but it may have its uses.
Posted By: Tiggurix (6/2/2011 8:57:59 AM)


Grossly overpriced - clearly designed back in the day when lifegain was considered amazing.
Posted By: Radagast (10/14/2010 8:15:41 AM)