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One of the better metalcraft cards in the set as far as Constructed is concerned. Might single-handedly make Everflowing Chalice a 4-of in UW Control again. Such an on-curve threat when you drop Day of Judgment the turn after, blink him, then the turn after, cast Sun Titan.
Posted By: DonRoyale (9/23/2010 10:29:29 PM)


Nice take on Fleeting Image
Posted By: WhiteyMcFly (9/26/2010 6:48:19 PM)


Pseudo shroud is excellent due to its ability to still benefit from pump (well, there isn't exactly too much of that in blue but....whatevs). But someone correct me if I'm wrong, but can I actually blink it to save it in combat if damage no longer stacks?
Posted By: demoninabottle (9/26/2010 9:14:13 AM)


4.5/5 in limited
3.5/5 in constructed
A fine card for sure, not overpowered but depending on what else you got on the field.
Posted By: majinara (9/27/2010 2:29:29 AM)


There certainly are worse opening hands than, say, island island island brittle effigy everflowing chalice mox opal argent sphinx.
Posted By: Zenzei (10/16/2010 12:41:30 AM)


One of my favorite cards. art, mechanics, creature type, everything
Posted By: pedrodyl (8/11/2011 12:39:46 PM)



Posted By: bfugitive (4/29/2011 6:42:21 AM)


Limited bomb, conundrum sphinx won me a heap of games in m11, and this fellow, if you can throw him in a artifact deck is ridiculous, un-infectable, in-destroyable, vigilant attacker, all for U each turn, considering the counters there is in scars, i don't think there will be much use for U. on top of that, he is a 4/3 for UU2, constructed might see play in a artifact heavy deck, as a good beat stick that has ultra troll shroud for U. UW control will use him, due to the fact that he survives day of judgement.

This should of been a mythic
Posted By: Mattmedia (9/26/2010 3:36:49 AM)


Would sure love to Act of Treason an opponents Argent Sphinx then blink it to keep it permanently :)
Posted By: Kazabet (10/25/2010 10:23:52 PM)


amazing swinger and can be a great chump blocker that just wont go down
Posted By: aba1 (9/23/2010 9:13:07 PM)


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