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The "Red Elemental Blast" energy drink was very popular in Dominaria, especially with gamers and bar patrons who would mix it with vodka or Jaegermeister. Eventually the ingredient list was posted on the internet, and people decided that a mix of caffeine, taurine, and virgins' blood was probably not great for their long-term health.
Posted By: TimCrockett (7/29/2013 11:30:45 PM)


Fantastic in Painter's Servant decks, also great in most sideboards.
Posted By: TheFrostReaper (5/1/2009 6:53:11 PM)


Stops Strom Crow! :0
Posted By: Pontiac (3/24/2011 10:00:39 AM)


Excellent anti-Blue tech...especially as it's a 1 CMC counter...Also you gotta love how this printing presages 6th edition rules...technically this card was unplayable as a counter since it was a instant...
Posted By: Guest57443454 (7/1/2009 6:15:53 PM)


The thing is, this card was originally printed as an instant when it should have been an interrupt. After 6th edition, interrupts became instants, so the card type is actually correct.
Posted By: Bouchart (8/17/2009 4:54:23 PM)


If there was ever a chance of this card being antiquated/outdated/made irrelevant, then Jace, the Mind Sculptor forever put those fears to rest, lol.

Blue Elemental Blast is also still going strong, but I don't think it will appreciate as much longevity. 25 Years? 40 Years? 50 Years? One day, it MAY be the case that Red Permanents are not enough of a concern in Legacy or Vintage and the counterspells they already have are sufficient.

I admit, for BEB to not even see sideboard play though, it would probably mean that Red as a Color had somehow become defunct. Of all the colors that could though, Red is the one that actually might. It already is hands down the weakest in Commander. Commander ain't the same as Legacy/Vintage by a mile, but they're more similar to each other than they are to Standard of course.
Posted By: DarthParallax (8/11/2013 8:37:28 PM)


Red counter magic? What is this nonsense you ask? In the original sets, they emphasized the "rivalry" between the colours and at a time where Blue had some ridiculously good cards, having this guy and a land untapped could save the day.
Posted By: weasel_fierce (6/2/2014 11:05:59 AM)