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Wow, the word 'scamp' makes anything instantly adorable.

Come on, little guy! Get in for 4!
Posted By: metalevolence (5/2/2011 1:03:03 AM)


"Scamp's a pup who's not afraid to chase his dreams..."

Stupid Lady and the Tramp 2 commercial being ingrained in my mind forever.
Posted By: ElMikkino (5/1/2011 7:43:12 PM)


Red Deck Wins just got another great 1 drop...
Posted By: guitargamer79 (4/28/2011 9:43:25 PM)


One drop beast! use with Aether charge!
Posted By: Kryptnyt (6/25/2011 3:36:09 PM)


An awesome Red drop. Top-deck this little guy whith Urabrask the Hidden in play and you are in business.

Art is also cute. 5/5
Posted By: Hayw00d0909 (5/24/2011 9:14:51 PM)


So this is the Shrimp Scampi that Red Lobster keeps advertising for $9.99.
Posted By: Salient (10/27/2011 6:41:20 PM)


Really quite surprised that this isn't used in the Kessig Wolf Run deck that's floating around standard.. but I guess hitting them for 6+x from Primeval Titan is better, there won't usually be a turn free before the titan is dropped to pump this little dude to hit for 1+x+3..

So I checked the price of that titan recently. £65 for a playset. Um.. ok.. think I'll stick to my casual agro ramp that doesn't use my entire student budget for a week.. I'll just hit them in the face with pumped Viridian Emissarys, Furnace Scamps and Spitemares, then I'll drop Inferno Titan on them ^^
Posted By: glovesforfoxes (3/1/2012 10:09:27 AM)


I'll play anything with the word "scamp" in its title!
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (4/30/2011 11:21:22 AM)


I'm giving him a 5. He's potential one drop (slow) burn spell for 4.(Or 1 and burn a planeswalker for 3.) Yeah, not as big as Goblin Guide, but still solid, in my opinion. He's common too, so he's nice for pauper too. Also, "Scamp" does make him sound more adorable! <3
Posted By: DragoKnight (5/12/2011 9:36:53 AM)


Disortion Strike Could Make Him Deadly
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (4/29/2011 12:49:50 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!