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Why is this rated so much lower than Mold Shambler?

Both are green 3/3s, both cost 6, both remove a noncreature permanent. But the exarch can tutor you a creature, remove a destruction-resistant permanent (Spine of Ish Sah?), and works with Mimic Vat and other combo pieces. It's even easier to splash.

The only real advantage Mold Shambler has is the option not to pay its kicker, and I didn't think people liked Hill Giant that much.
Posted By: Steinhauser (6/2/2011 8:27:40 PM)


cheat him into play, then use a turn to mist effect to get his effect again.
Posted By: PEVE_O (5/7/2011 10:21:10 PM)


Combos well with Omen Machine and a deck full of high cost bombs. Heck with the big Eldrazi you would even get the effect from casting them, after a turn delay. But other than niche combo effects like this he's a bit overpriced for what he can do.
Posted By: JoralG (5/9/2011 11:11:53 AM)


Think of the possibilities with this and birthing pod, lots of 5 CMC creatures can sac into this bloke. Then just sac him for a chancellor or something, so many options. Its the choice that makes this card golden, you get whatever creature you feel like next turn or you get to bury whatever is most annoying. Nasty creature, artifact, planeswalker or those evil equipments I hate so much...

If people are giving this card a 3 cuz its 6cmc, get over yourselves. Just gotta think outside the box. Like always.
Posted By: Vakyoom (5/26/2011 5:13:22 PM)


This is really destructive in EDH. Two of the best possible options for the format are available for 6 mana, and it gets you an extra creature. Potential combos abound with the first ability (e.x. drop it after Garruk's Packleader for instance to get it in hand), and the second one is EDH gold.

On top of it all it works beautifully with Naya colors so you can blink it with Venser, the Sojourner or other options to basically take over the game.

Posted By: SeiberTross (6/16/2011 7:39:29 AM)


Great abilities, great flavor (pure cleric!), cool art, I like this guy. I like having some expensive green creatures be good for something other than stomping. Some.

I like his little legs.
Posted By: creepycrawler (6/24/2011 8:32:39 PM)


I think this is going to be a very good play the turn after Garruk, Primal Hunter.
Posted By: lorendorky (7/1/2011 1:39:24 PM)


this guy is wrecking in my W/U/G Birthing Pod deck. Archon of Justice into Brutalizer Exarch? yes, plz.
Posted By: Daedalus3 (8/31/2011 3:26:18 PM)


A good way to kill someone with Mindshrieker in Standard. Also doubles as an emergency Bramblecrush.
Posted By: Ragamander (11/14/2011 5:32:43 PM)


"I am cornholio, I need TP for my bunghole!"

This guy is awesome in EDH, especially with stuff like Crystal Shard, which is also awesome in EDH.
Posted By: Atogatogatog (1/8/2012 11:16:41 AM)


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