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Hi Footbottom Feast. I of course needed to play 4 more of you...
Posted By: Kryptnyt (1/26/2012 6:50:50 PM)


I was actually sorta okay with Bone Harvest, although the insta-draw (vs. slowtrip) will definitely help with timing.
Posted By: Toquinha1977 (1/27/2012 12:33:05 PM)


use in the late game of a draft match to return all of your undying creatures to the top. If done at the right time your creatures will overrun your opponents defenses in no time.
Posted By: jsttu (1/26/2012 9:37:35 PM)


Can find play vs Grafdigger's Cage for getting around the pesky cast from gravyard problems
Posted By: thalegion (1/27/2012 1:00:11 AM)


This kind of card is useful when you can pack your graveyard easily.

Pairing it with Memory Sluice/Tome Scour/Glimpse the Unthinkable

@DarthParallax -- Grafdigger's Cage will indeed stop reanimation. "Creature cards can't enter the battlefield from graveyards" stops all reanimation effects cold. Interestingly, it doesn't stop the Dredge mechanic in Modern/Legacy/Vintage, but it does stop Dredge from doing anything useful. I imagine a lot of Dredge decks will be packing four Chain of Vapor in the sideboard from here on out, to bounce the Cage with.
Posted By: Salient (1/27/2012 1:15:45 PM)


This is a great 2 of and/or sideboard card in a mono-black aggro deck. It plays around mass removal and ensures that you'll have consistent threats lategame by stacking your deck. You can even just play into Mana Leak a couple of times to clear their hand before purging back your non-Gravecrawler beaters. I'm building this deck hardcore.
Posted By: deth2munkies (1/29/2012 2:01:13 PM)


This is an important part of a deck I'm building with Heartless Summoning and Perilous Myr, Pierce Strider, and Blistergrub. Even if I have a stunning array of 0, 1, or 2 drops (via Heartless) go to the graveyard after they've fulfilled their duty, I can pile them back on for more fun. Plus, having a Altar's Reap in hand after this move makes me draw through my piles of life suck/damage missiles quicker, and triggering Undead action in my Geralf's Messenger.
Posted By: ajolt151 (2/8/2012 4:39:26 PM)


Sideboard at best, but if it works, it will be a key sideboard card for grave decks everywhere.

I think that Grafdigger's Cage is probably not going to stop the real threats from Innistrad block though. I'm mostly worried about actual straight-reanimating, and the Cage doesn't say anything about returning stuff from your graveyard to the battlefield...

Edit: Misread the Cage. oops. damn that's a good hate card. I think there are probably still some holes in it, but not very many.
Posted By: DarthParallax (2/8/2012 7:50:06 PM)


Such wonderful artwork... limited playability...
Posted By: igniteice (1/26/2012 11:43:05 PM)


I got a foil one of these. It's really pretty, the zombies' eyes subtly glow. Quite nice to look at.
Posted By: Totema (3/2/2012 11:15:06 PM)