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Very useful in most any Artifact deck. It doesn't come into play tapped, which is wonderful. Only complaint, if you can call it that, is that I'd rather it cost more, and not have to sacrifice itself, but that would probably be a bit broken.

Posted By: ChildOfPrometheus (7/25/2011 12:11:19 AM)


A very good card from R&D.
Posted By: Cheza (7/27/2011 6:08:19 AM)


A handy little land. Useful for any artifact deck, and combos deliciously well with Crucible of Worlds.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (5/14/2012 9:41:47 AM)


Yeeeeeah, my Myr deck is about to get 4 of these....

But seriously, utility lands are one of my favorite aspects of the game. What's better than something that gives you many, thus allowing you to play more cards, but can also aid those cards, and/or your attempts to employ them?

Mishra's Factory will always be my favorite, but this is up there. 4/5. And props to Wizards for making this uncommon instead of rare. And for the pretty awesome artwork.
Posted By: AngelPhoenix (7/9/2011 10:27:12 AM)


Why isn't this a 5/5?? Oh right, I know.. Because its colorless. You're right, my bad. Why isn't this a 4/5?!? It's a non basic land that doesn't come into play tapped. It does something cool. Just because you personally don't need it, doesn't mean it's not BADASS as far as Non basic, colorless mana producing lands are concerned! What else does it have to do to get its rightfully deserved 4/5 stars?? Its supposed to draw you a darn card too, RIGHT?? lol tough crowd here..
Posted By: Mike-C (3/4/2012 7:28:16 AM)


How I love utility lands that don't enter play tapped and still produce mana!
Posted By: scumbling1 (7/8/2011 7:46:25 AM)


I really like the design of this, Mindslaver would be fun to use a second time!

@HairlessThoctar: I forgot about Academy Runis, good point. Althugh this has the bonus of not needing blue which is nice.
Posted By: TreeTrunkMaster (7/8/2011 10:11:10 AM)


Metal Red could easily profit from this card.
Posted By: lorendorky (7/8/2011 2:19:38 AM)


Posted By: Kirbster (7/8/2011 8:45:33 AM)


Should've been in Zendikar block. Seriously, you're plundering an ancient ruin for artifacts, how was this NOT in there? :/
Posted By: Feralsymphony (7/8/2011 4:31:54 PM)