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This is like Blunt the Assault in reverse.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (12/15/2010 9:46:37 PM)


half an answer against elf decks and cards like Empty the Warrens and Bridge from Below.
Posted By: DrJones (9/28/2010 5:08:03 PM)


I like it, i play a BW captivating vampire deck based around getting alot of tokens and then casting Shields of Velis Vel, this is an awsome card to stall for a turn against the faster decks. i even prefer it to holy day (also in the deck) for while it does cost one more it can also act as a secondary win condition agains a swarm (for steeling 2 or 3 creatures is not that powerfull against such a deck)
Posted By: bijart_dauth (10/1/2010 10:06:11 AM)


counter things like overwhelming stampede
Posted By: Shinigami-2099 (2/8/2011 10:38:16 PM)


Now that they've reworded Simulacrum this is a superior option (assuming you can spend the white) that doesn't require a creature or require you to survive the damage before rescuing you.
Posted By: markarmor (6/30/2011 1:57:41 PM)


Rating: 5/5 as far as fog spells go, if you can pay the Black cost.

Throw other fog spells out until your opponent overextends himself. Then when he does, play Batwing Brume. Usually causes a huge loss of life and makes your opponent think twice about attacking the next few turns. And there's nothing quite like winning a game with Batwing Brume.
Posted By: AMart83 (8/8/2012 3:29:04 AM)


@ZirilanoftheClaw: unfortunately, a copied version of this spell will never have any colours of mana spent on it, so it will essentially be a dud.
Posted By: significant_otter (12/3/2012 9:17:13 PM)


A very fun card with a classic RKF illustration 4.5/5
Posted By: Qoid (2/13/2011 8:27:00 AM)


What the hell is going on in this art?
Posted By: Nagoragama (7/12/2011 5:36:10 PM)


4 copies of this
4 copies of orim's chant
4 isochron scepter
yes im evil
Posted By: ZirilanoftheClaw (9/19/2012 12:24:56 AM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!