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The only problem I have with this card is that it's not flavorful.
How does this work on a flying creature, I ask you?
Posted By: infernox10 (9/10/2010 5:18:58 PM)


@wintersrage: If your opponent activates an activated ability that has Tap in its cost, you can't respond to it by tapping that permanent. Well, you can, but you won't gain anything from it. This is because tapping the permanent is part of the cost to put the ability on the stack - not part of the ability itself.

Lets take Prodigal Pyromancer as an example. It has an activated ability with Tap in its cost.
Now, you tap Prodigal Pyromancer and let its activated ability go on the stack. I could respond to it with Twiddle targeting the Pyromancer, but since the Pyromancer is already tapped, and its activated ability is already on the stack, I wouldn't gain anything from it.
As a rule of thumb: if your goal is to prevent an activated ability from going off, tapping the permanent in response is generally not the way to do it.
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (4/8/2011 11:09:22 AM)


Not winning any awards but does its job well enough.
Posted By: Tanaka348 (7/19/2011 1:09:30 PM)


@infernox10: Good point, normally Wizards is pretty careful about such flavor things, at least on old cards like Flood or Barbed Foliage (which do pretty much the same job regarding either functionality or flavor.)

But i think the trick is, things are not as they seem to be.
In fact the Noose is able to hover in the air when you don't look at it.
Similar to Whippoorwill, which in contrast pretends to be flying but in fact is a ground creature.
Posted By: Mode (9/14/2010 7:53:05 PM)


I'd rather use an Icy Manipulator, even if it costs 2 more to put out.
Posted By: Robface (9/17/2010 12:34:09 PM)


Posted By: xd4 (9/11/2010 8:49:14 PM)


I have a question about this card if lets say someone is using an ability on a creature and i decide that I'm going to tap him before he tap his creature can he tap his creature in response to me trying to use this card to tap his creature. Also he hes going to tap his creature and i go and try and use this card in response to him taping his creature to use an ability on the creature would that work or would his creatures ability still go off.
Posted By: wintersrage (9/28/2010 9:52:26 AM)


I think I'd rather use Tumble Magnet.
Posted By: Gelzo (5/21/2011 2:34:06 PM)


I felt the hate rise up in me, kneel down and clear the stone of leaves...

Sorry. Just saw the flavor text and although I know WHAT slipknot is, it brought up some memories.

Anyway, it's pretty funny to imagine something like Darksteel Colossus stumbling upon this.
Posted By: bansheemane (3/5/2012 2:03:36 PM)


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