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Doesn't stand the test of time, but back in the day, blood-lusting your ball lightning was actually a pretty solid play.
Posted By: tom_hero (5/10/2010 3:02:13 PM)


I rather like Blood Lust. Sure, Fists is a straight pump with no disadvantage, but it's easy to turn the /-4 into a benefit: put it on Doran, the Siege Tower, suddenly he becomes a 1/1. Put it on one of those annoying new blue sphinxes and get them in Lightning Bolt range. And the drawback will never kill your creature by itself.

Solid red utility spell.
Posted By: Ideatog (7/26/2010 10:17:05 PM)


I love playing this in my deck alongside Blood Cultist they mesh so well, I swear its her in the artwork :)
Posted By: Arthindole (10/11/2010 6:46:06 PM)


"So tired... organs soft, like pillows... sleepy time."
Posted By: Kryptnyt (12/27/2011 6:46:57 AM)


I'd rather just use Fists of the anvil because it has no drawback, even though this card can also be... somehow used to destroy your opponents. But because they get more power then your creature is probably gone then too. BAD CARD
Posted By: Shiduba (8/11/2009 11:47:48 PM)


Goes well with Prodigal Pyromancer.
Posted By: tavaritz (5/22/2011 12:19:51 AM)


I've always enjoyed this card. Very flavorful for red and versatile. But the art has always confused me. Maddocks is one of the most creative artists in Magic history, which is why I love him, but this one just seems to miss the mark for me. I always pictured that this spell made a creature go berserk, inflicting more carnage and also leaving themselves open to more damage. For such an aggressive card, the art just seems too passive. The concept of this card is a natural fit with goblins, orcs and barbarians, but then the art just doesn't fit. Still, it is a classic red card, fun to use and always helpful. It never sat long in my hand.

Posted By: The_Riddle_of_Steel (2/9/2014 5:10:55 PM)


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