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A beefed up Lord of the Pit, but without the drawback of losing life, and with an added regeneration ability... I love this card, but if you ask me, Lord of the Pit wins my vote for having a better artwork (Divine vs Demonic) and having more flavor. Also, with Lord of the Pit, you can chose to pay the 7 life - it doesn't make Lord of the Pit tap, which means that you'll be able to deal the final points of damage at the expense of your life total, should your not have any other creatures left.

Still, I wouldn't mind at all playing with both the Strossus and Lord of the Pit in the same deck. Each has its own advantages and weaknesses, the Strossus's weaknesses being its higher manacost and that you have to sacrifice it no matter what, should you not have any other creatures, and the Lord of the Pit's weaknesses being the lower power/toughness and no regeneration ability.

Which is best? Well, if we clash them against one another, surely the Strossus would win, but keep in mind that the ... (see all)
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (10/29/2010 5:52:57 PM)


I love that guy.
With 9 toughness he can't be killed by burn easily, and beeing black he is immune to lots of black removal. Not to mention that if something would destroy him you can still regenerate him, which doesn't even cost mana. Also, in case someone would steal him or whatever, you can make him munch up himself at any moment. :)
Costing only 8 mana while beeing 9/9 trample and flying is just great.

It's no tournament quality card, but I have him in quite a lot of multiplayer decks and he won me a good amount of games.

Yesterday I had him in play in some edh/commander game. Someone attacked me with a Keiga, the tide star. The strossus blocked, killed keiga, the guy chose stross with the steal-ability. So I used my cauldron of souls to give the strossus persist, had him eat up himself, he persisted back to play and the steal ability fizzled. I love this guy. :)

@ EvilCleavage: I'm 100% sure that it works that way. :) Your opponnent tar... (see all)
Posted By: majinara (10/13/2010 2:55:50 AM)



I beleive he is worth pointing out for anyone looking at this card, same cost (although you can run green which is a plus), 1 more P/T, no regenerate or flying, lifegain during upkeep.

I'll let you be the judge.
Posted By: xNavarone (3/3/2010 8:04:55 PM)


Got Bitterblossom?
Posted By: AngelxLegna (4/19/2010 1:58:51 PM)


He looks like the robot in the movie "The Iron Giant."

Great creature for animator decks.
Posted By: getz19 (11/2/2009 8:45:38 AM)


This is one of the my most beloved black creatures. I keep him in my All-Star black Highlander deck and he definitely shows why he is there. First for 8 mana you get a 9/9 which usually means he will have a bad ability but instead he gets Flying and Trample, a way to regenerate and only a sacrifice to stay on the field. While I don't want to say he is better then the cl@ssic Lord of the Pit. He is. Having 2/2 more and not losing 7 life if you can't sac a monster is much better then just losing him if you can't. Also Lord only cost (1) less to play.
Posted By: John-Bender (11/23/2009 4:56:51 AM)


This is a great creature. Almost no one's going to actually pay its mana cost, no one can steal it from you, and trying to Rite of Replication it would be foolish. Just foolish.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (12/16/2010 12:38:08 PM)


Is it Cthulhu?
Posted By: Shadoflaam (1/21/2011 10:56:30 AM)


It is the real Lord of Pit ...
Posted By: Skybreaker (6/18/2009 5:18:56 PM)


@evilcleavage: You sacrifice the Strossus in response to the creature-steal trigger. That way, the ability fizzles because the strossus is already in the graveyard when the steal-trigger resolves. (First in, Last out, remember?)
Posted By: LiXinjian (5/12/2010 6:54:09 AM)


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