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It's kind of a Bond Villain moment when your opponent gets their win condition out.
"Mr. Bond, you can either save this busload of innocent 1/1s..."
"...or your precious Baneslayer Angel! AHAHAHAHAHA"
Posted By: Shieldman (6/16/2010 3:18:46 PM)


This card is brilliant. Forget for a second that it costs two mana, provides massive card advantage, and gets around just about every form of creature protection. The sheer evil fun of leisurely stacking your opponent's creatures, then watching him agonize over which ones die is worth it alone.
Posted By: achilleselbow (6/18/2010 8:50:49 AM)


Combos with Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and Kormus Bell.

"Do you want to save your lands, or your creatures?"
Posted By: syrazemyla (7/20/2011 2:13:59 AM)


This card is fantastic! If they have only two creatures, it's a Cruel Edict, not a shabby card. four or more, it gets insane. Most of the time, I cast this and put the biggest threat in one pile and the rest (usually about three-four) in the other. For only two mana, this is easily my favorite kill spell.
Posted By: Keegan__ (10/6/2009 10:25:57 PM)


This is my favourite kill spell ever! So cheap, so powerful, so evil, so black as only black can be.
Posted By: Sironos (9/5/2010 3:22:14 PM)


a liliana of the veil ultimate, but for creatures? I like it
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (5/16/2012 10:26:48 PM)


Playing this spell is most often worth the cost.
Your opponent unfortunately gets the choice, but aside from that if you split them up wisely this will be very cheap creature removal. Even if your opponent has only two creatures you'll be able to destroy the smaller threat.
Posted By: Mode (8/30/2009 3:02:08 PM)


A cheap spell that gets progressively more efficient the later it is played, and more effective the smarter it is played. A great card for any deck looking to cripple big-creature decks and seriously slow down aggro swarm decks.
Posted By: Fictionarious (2/4/2010 9:25:35 PM)


If you're calling this card stupid, you've clearly never played against any deck that uses tokens and/or hordes of cheap creatures. This thing will bring an elf deck to its knees for virtually no cost.

There are obviously better individual removers; this is obviously a headcount reducer, and a brutally effective one at that. You can always Doom Blade some poor bastard after that if you need to.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (2/26/2010 7:58:19 AM)


And yet the minotaur in the art i inexplicably cheerful.
Posted By: Polychromatic (2/23/2011 11:46:53 AM)


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