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The best multicolor cards reflect their colors well. Recoil not only does that, but captures the essence of blue and black. Plus the interaction between the color abilities is perfect and simple. Not superpowerful, just a really, really good card.
Posted By: ArtBell (2/11/2010 9:44:36 AM)


Needs a reprint :)
Posted By: iSlapTrees (11/3/2010 11:30:12 PM)


Ah, one of my favorite instants. Just like another of my favorite instants from this very set, Undermine, it adds insult to injury.
Posted By: Nagoragama (9/19/2010 9:01:03 PM)


Return target permanent AND discard? Its almost a 3 mana kill anything spell!

Posted By: Paladin85 (8/26/2011 8:26:03 AM)


One of the best bounce spells there is. If your opponent has an empty hand, he has to discard whatever was bounced. Which then equals: "Target player sacrifices target permanent", and then this cards deals with everything, no matter if it regenerates or is indestructible or whatnot.
Also, if you play it on a token, it practically means: "target player sacrifices target token and discards a card", since the token obviously ceases to exist once left play, but the opponent still has to discard something.

Just an incredible card.
Posted By: majinara (2/6/2009 5:30:59 AM)


This is a fun card to combo with Warped Devotion. I played against a Megrim deck sporting those two cards as well as Urza's Guilt. It was brutal.

Invasion block was great.
Posted By: Rudyardo (7/29/2009 1:25:11 AM)


i normally keep a land in hand just in case my opponent bounces my storm crow with this
Posted By: DaaNz (3/19/2009 5:02:08 AM)


Amazing. Try this trick: Wait for your opponent to cast an Aura on a token. Target the token with recoil. Your opponent sacs the token, sacs the aura, AND discards a card.

Posted By: SAllison87 (4/23/2011 4:31:47 PM)


Am particularly fond of following this up with lobotomy
Posted By: Latronis (8/15/2010 8:39:52 PM)


I want this back!
Posted By: Gabriel422 (6/27/2011 8:04:23 PM)


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