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If it was two humans or she was a 4/4 I'd consider it....

such a shame, as I love the art.
Posted By: Niner9 (5/4/2012 7:37:29 AM)


Compared to other 6-cost commons, this is underwhelming, but not by much. I would think that 3WhiteWhite would be fair at common for a 3/3 flyer and a dude. 2/5.
Posted By: Mickacabra (4/28/2012 8:08:59 PM)


She looks bad, but a first glance can be deceiving.

In her set she is actually pretty strong when you play her with creatures like the goldnight commander. Additionally she has flying and a very unexciting but still reasonable body. Certainly not a bad card.

I can understand why people dislike it, since we have been spoiled with several token producers that are vastly superior(Cloudgoat Ranger, Patagia Viper...). Still, consider those cards as just very good and poweful cards, and this one as less but still fairly powerful.
Posted By: Shiizu (5/25/2012 1:39:18 AM)


Overcosted by miles.

Compare to Wing Splicer.

3/3 flyer for 4cmc, 1/1 body on the ground.
You get additional 3/3 flyers when flickering.
Posted By: Frostraven (6/12/2012 6:34:46 AM)


This is a bit overcosted. If you got two humans instead, it would be a bit balanced.
Posted By: Pigfish99 (7/1/2012 10:22:52 PM)


Flying white Ambassador Oak for1White more.
Posted By: HuntingDrake (7/3/2012 6:31:57 PM)


Did anyone notice she's practically wearing a superhero costume? Try Imagining her without the wings.
Posted By: nadas (8/8/2012 10:45:45 AM)


Audible sigh. Awesome art and flavor. I wish this was better.
Posted By: SgtPepperjack (8/8/2012 5:18:52 PM)


Okay now THIS is my least favorite angel
I used to think Archangel was lame but this...this makes archangel look good
it would be playable if it maybe costed 2 w w but no
this mana would be better spent on a gold night redeemer
Posted By: PinkleDadandy (5/7/2012 10:20:13 AM)


Urbis Protector. We now have the inverse of the card. HOW EXCITED ARE YOU?!
Posted By: Continue (1/29/2013 10:27:54 AM)


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