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You have to admit, though, Enormous Baloth had much better flavor text.
Posted By: sonorhC (4/28/2012 10:51:55 PM)


Creatures just keep getting better and better. This is what a good vanilla beater for limited looks like!
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (4/26/2012 8:54:20 PM)


Better than Craw Wurm? Almost strictly better than Kindercatch? This card is so efficient it might just be a bit disgusting. But I like it.
Posted By: kyothine (4/26/2012 7:07:49 PM)


Awesome card! Heartless summoning makes it a 6/6 for 4, which is really nice in GB heartless sumoning decks. This is how you make a Vanilla!
Posted By: Ghostmyth (4/26/2012 8:41:59 PM)


Enormous Baloth sliently weeps in the corner.
Posted By: UncleJulio (4/27/2012 3:30:30 AM)


Craw Wurm is going to have difficulty suing an elemental horror.
This guy makes me wonder who's going to be bawss once stupid titans rotate out. Time will tell.
3.5/5 for now
Posted By: axiobeta (4/27/2012 9:19:39 PM)


I kinda like it... But the flavor is confusing as hell. This thing wasn't around before in previous sets, so... apparently Avacyn's influence allows for elemental horrors to reawaken? How does that work exactly? And, from the flavor text, people aren't even afraid of it? That's really weird, I think...
Posted By: Totema (5/20/2012 9:35:59 PM)


Not good enough for constructed, but a very nice beater for limited.
Posted By: majinara (4/27/2012 11:26:57 AM)


Despite being vanilla, the fact it's a 7/7 for 6 actually makes this useful. Pair it with Pathbreaker Wurm, Silverblade Paladin, or Wingcrafter for results.
Posted By: SyntheticDreamer (4/27/2012 9:34:04 PM)


Vorstclaw is the worstclaw, now we sip champagne when we thirstclaw.

Yea I like this card with soulbound.
Posted By: Three_Toe (6/4/2012 6:39:41 PM)


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