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Comboes with Ajani's Pridemate for a +1/+1 during normal combat :)
Posted By: iSlapTrees (4/9/2011 9:55:46 PM)


I've won enough games with this and armored ascension that I have to rate it up
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (8/15/2011 10:36:31 PM)


This card is great and like another poster stated, paired with Armored ascension, HotP, Knight Exemplar and/or Kinsbaile Cavalier and you have huge beats and great lifegain.

flying 6/6 first strike/lifelink on turn 4 just wins games! Or the lifegain saves your @ss
Posted By: PushyCarrot (9/22/2012 1:49:52 AM)


Back when lifelink was a triggered ability this card was what won me games. I remember being over 1,000 life because of this knight, a Battlegrace Angel, and a Loxodon Warhammer.
Posted By: philsrobeighn (10/28/2012 6:42:52 PM)


I'm all-for getting rid of remind text on reprints.
Posted By: boneclub (4/30/2012 5:57:06 PM)


This is always relevant, whereas White Knight, Silver Knight and Elite Inquisitor are situational.
Posted By: MattLynn (4/26/2013 7:30:30 AM)


I do not understand how I can have been playing with this card since it was released and not read the flavour text until yesterday...I do not understand how this has happened, especially when it is such an awesome set of words.
Posted By: Wormfang (5/28/2013 10:15:55 PM)


so good it hurts:)
Posted By: rawsugar (4/1/2011 2:35:02 AM)


I can't believe more people haven't rated this card. She is a perfect white weenie, and an excellent lifegain. first strike ensures that she wont die to another easy to drop 2/2, and she gains life every time she attacks or blocks. Ajani's Pridemate and a Cradle of Vitality will go far with a few of these in there. In fact, I have 4 of her as a must in my own lifegain deck, and never have considered taking her out. Too useful and for such a small drop. 4.5/5
Posted By: kidpokerpro (8/24/2011 7:01:56 AM)


This card is annoyingly good.
Posted By: sincleanser (8/24/2011 10:07:23 AM)


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