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He's a decent 3 drop for some sort of casual aggressive beast deck. Don't judge him by modern magic standards - creatures have gotten a lot better.
Posted By: Baconradar (8/7/2010 4:24:49 PM)


The Art Is Awesome Looks Like Those Dudes From Tremors 2
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (8/6/2009 7:10:30 PM)


fairly low cmc for a 3/3
Posted By: blastodermis (8/15/2009 10:00:00 AM)


What do you expect to pay for a 3/3? Only 2? This card was only useful to deny citadel of pain and the like.
Posted By: Omenchild (4/16/2010 9:07:28 PM)


Why is 3 for a vanilla 3/3 in Green a good deal...
Posted By: Volcre (10/2/2009 11:30:34 AM)


@Omenchild: Yeah, pretty much, see watchwolf
Posted By: channelblaze (6/17/2010 7:14:29 AM)


If you don't get him out with your last 3 mana, it's not worth playing at all.
Posted By: themlsna (7/8/2010 12:41:59 PM)


Since the loss of mana burn, this little fella really has no downside since you can just tap all of your lands for mana first and not worry about overage. Unless you need an instant next turn, which in green means no combat tricks. Not that bad. The downside on an otherwise vanilla 3/3 for 3 is a creature type tax, since beasts have some pretty nifty tribal effects, notably Feral Throwback, Krosan Warchief, and Ravenous Baloth.
Posted By: Ideatog (3/28/2011 2:47:34 AM)


No combat tricks? This has no haste, so you attack first and use as many combat tricks as you want. Then if you have three mana available you summon this.
Posted By: tavaritz (11/16/2011 4:11:21 AM)


Not a terrible drawback at all. Very workable. Of course nowadays 3/3 vanilla for 3 is underwhelming but, hey, times change.
Posted By: Tanaka348 (12/2/2011 8:53:48 PM)


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