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1 card for 2 (basic) lands is pretty good in any deck not running green.
Posted By: EpicBroccoli (6/18/2011 7:39:32 PM)


Solid land finding in non-green.
It works for me.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (6/22/2011 2:55:18 PM)


Wizards is so keen on this card.
Posted By: ExoM7 (7/27/2011 6:27:15 AM)


I think my biggest problem with this is it basically costs four mana to use, to get you two lands in your hand. That can slow you down pretty significantly. Though I suppose if you can't splash green, something like this is a decent alternative.
Posted By: TherealphatMatt (7/27/2011 11:14:28 AM)


Absolutely bonkers in draft. Anyone that was able to get more than one pretty much won their games.
Posted By: sincleanser (8/16/2011 2:41:26 PM)


It does it's job of bumping you up to 3 or more colors well. Two of these, and you have Domain. Similar to Mycosynth Wellspring.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (9/7/2011 8:27:03 PM)


@armogohma's comment: In many cases, library-thinning with multiple Spheres would be preferable to multiple uses of the Map; and a single use of the Sphere generally widens your on-the-board mana base at least as much as Mapping a single Ravnica bounce-land would - and it does so at a slightly faster pace, because you'll often be able to immediately use one of the two basic lands you siphon using the Sphere (besides, two basic lands produce more mana than something like a single Command Tower or Rupture Spire). As you yourself pointed out, your own suggestion is "almost as good" as the alternative! The only difference would be the 1 cost versus the 2. However, you'd still need 2 to activate the Map. Again, the thinning matters; unless the game is pure speed 1-on-1, and your deck has no or little other capability at in... (see all)
Posted By: humor_love (4/20/2012 10:27:55 AM)


Look at it this way; in Commander you have your big ol' deck with 99 cards, and chances are you have a certain number of cards you always want to hit.
For 4 mana, you get 2 basic lands and thin your library by three cards.
I like it.
Posted By: PonchoGrande (11/17/2012 1:22:14 PM)


This card is an all-star for any non-green edh. If you're not running this along with Expedition Map, you might be doing it wrong. Generally, nobody messes with it, and it will keep you dropping lands until you get to the 6 and 7 drops. This card has saved my butt so many times in the early game from just falling flat on my face, seriously. And even if you have the lands you need, you can pull out 2 dead draws from your deck and just keep chugging towards the mid or late game.
Posted By: Ligerman30 (7/10/2013 10:12:43 PM)


I wold recommend swapping these out for Expedition Maps immediately. Even when you need two lands, fetching a Ravnica bounce land is almost as good. Plus, it can be played on turn one and nab Command Towers.
Posted By: armogohma (6/22/2011 11:45:46 PM)