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This is a wonderful EDH/Commander card, both because it's political, and because your deck can usually see a big benefit from having more mana.

Veteran Explorer is best in the kind of deck that can sacrifice him right before your turn, so that you get the benefit before your opponent does. I once sacced him to Carrion Feeder on turn two, which gave me enough mana on turn three to Plow Under his lands and slow him down immensely. The turn after that, I had six mana and he was drawing into nothing.
Posted By: alexanderwales218 (10/19/2011 12:55:27 PM)


Lavaball Trap

Posted By: lorendorky (6/16/2011 11:49:38 PM)


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Posted By: Budden (12/19/2011 12:48:10 PM)


Fun in eternal formats, where your opponents might not even have basic lands.

But that's not the only reason why i love that card.
It's fun with Landfall obviously. Big mana ramp time with Lotus Cobra!
And I've got a deck that uses Greater Gargodon as sac outlet along with cip triggers, and double them with effects like Planar Birth, Second Sunrise, Saffi Eriksdotter or Angelic Renewal.

I wouldn't call Lavaball Trap such a great combo by the way, on the one hand he does not have to search (let alone find) any lands to put into play. That card's more interesting for Zendikar block constructed, since you can expect your opponents to put multiple lands into play automatically. In other formats you could mainly hope for your opponent to use fetchlands.

Oh, and he's a soldier. This might some day come in handy for tribal if we get more besides... (see all)
Posted By: Mode (7/15/2011 5:11:58 PM)


Best use I have found for this guy is to Sneak Attack him into play on opponent's turn as a chump blocker to immediately get two lands. I have a deck revolving around land manipulation and having a Invader Parasite and a Tunnel Ignus on the field means the opponent either forfeits the mana or takes 5 damage (assuming mono-colored) per land.
Posted By: CallmeMerry (9/2/2011 10:48:33 AM)


Most players fail to realize that lots of legacy and vintage decks are so laden with nonbasics that your opponents will basically get nothing. And, the way mana curves for those decks are built, you'll always benefit from having the extra mana more than they will... I really only see this being a problem vs. Merfolk, which runs like 6 Islands.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (9/4/2011 11:43:13 PM)


Most legacy decks run some basics, and fetch them out with fetchlands when they want to play around Wasteland.
Still good. It's not even card disadvantage if you trade it off one for one (or equip it with good ol' Skullclamp.)
Watch out, though, since the lands do come into play untapped. Never let that catch you off guard, keep in mind that a tapped out opponent will be able to suddenly play things!
Posted By: Kryptnyt (11/11/2011 7:01:56 AM)


Soldier Scout? "Needa dispenser here, maggots!"
Posted By: Totema (5/18/2012 12:06:56 AM)


Accidently went(effectively) infinite with him in my Ghave deck. He was in an opponent's grave, I summoned Puppeteer Clique and brought him back, sacced him to Ghave to get 2 lands. Used one of the lands to sac the Clique and put a counter on Ghave, it persisted back and brought this guy out. Used the other land to sac this guy and put a counter on the Clique. Rinse and repeat. And since it was all at instant speed, I got all my basics out of my deck right before my untap before casting Genesis Wave for about 30.
Posted By: Kelptic183 (8/5/2012 6:53:23 PM)


I really like this little bugger!
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (11/27/2012 7:39:43 PM)