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One helluva turn 3 follow up to Immolating Souleater.
Posted By: YawgmothsWish (7/16/2012 12:59:16 AM)


His +1 and -3 are very synergistic. Unleash the kitties
Posted By: Caspalta (7/17/2012 1:53:51 PM)


-3 on Putrefax anyone? Surprise!
Posted By: Tempted_Johnny (7/18/2012 7:58:38 PM)


The cost and ability truly favors any white weenie decks (double W cost), double strike abuses mechanics like Jitte and Swords.

+1/+1 counters also makes Persist creatures more deadly.
Posted By: Cyberium (7/6/2012 7:12:44 PM)


Does this mean that Ajani and Khemba are an 'item'? :-/
Posted By: LlanowarEmissary (7/8/2012 8:45:17 AM)


I finally got to play against this particular Planeswalker just the other day in Limited, and I have to agree with LSV that, while it seemingly has no method of defending itself, its self-preservation lies in its high starting loyalty that causes it to be difficult to outright kill with creatures. Granted, Limited and Standard/etc. are completely different beasts, but I could see this newest version making a splash in a White Weenie deck.
Posted By: Eternal_Blue (7/16/2012 1:17:36 AM)


His +1 is nice, his -3 wins games... and his ultimate is just bonkers.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (9/7/2012 4:46:58 AM)


HOW in the world does this only cost THREE? good lord!
Posted By: saucyninja007 (9/19/2012 9:29:34 PM)


@ chainsmoker
Ajani's weapon, if I remember right, is a staff composed of the axes of Ajani and his older brother, whose murder he later tried to avenge.

As for the card itself, it's found a nice home in my Kemba EDH deck alongside the old Ajani. A fitting place for it, I think.
Posted By: SirMalkin (10/16/2012 11:53:03 AM)


Season with Mikaeus, the Lunarch to taste.
Every turn, drop a +1/+1 counter on each of your other creatures, while building up to Ajani's ultimate! I've won with that combo several times.
Posted By: Thornhillforge (2/18/2013 9:37:10 AM)


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