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He's a demon who feeds on the worship of his disciples. Who would have thought Exalted would work in Black?
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (7/5/2012 5:37:47 PM)


I like the fact that though he's from Grixis, he has a Bant ability. It's part of why I loved seeing Alara Reborn, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of Alara after adjusting to the Conflux.
Posted By: syrazemyla (7/16/2012 11:44:35 AM)


The only black exalted card that got me a little excited.

I can understand black being exalted flavorfully (a champion of Dark, as aopposed to Light) but black exalted just mixes so poorly with the existing WUG cards.

Last set they brought black Bloodthirst and added it to black in addition to the Grull RG where it originally was. It made sense flavorfully, but it also fitted deck build nicely because there was alot of new mono-green and red bloodthirst cards already, they made a fair amount of new black ones, new green and red ones and they also made new cards compatible with the strategy. In addition, you could make a BRG deck with a bloodthirst theme.

With exalted the flavor is acceptable. But most existing exalted cards where multicolor from bant. Exalted decks also normally did use all three colors, the best existing exalted cards were all three colors. Making a WUBG exalted deck is possible but would be hard. In addition, the black exalted cards really don't add anything for t... (see all)
Posted By: Arachobia (7/10/2012 4:01:15 AM)


Nefarox do you know Karrthus?
Posted By: DragonsRCool (7/19/2012 11:10:32 PM)


I really like this card. I'm not a big fan of black exalted, but i feel like it works in this card both flavorwise and powerwise. In terms of flavor, it boosts itself so it doesn't really need everyone to work with him to work. Plus, the creature sacrificing is black and the bonus only happens when he attacks, so he isn't helping anyone else. Anyway, I think this card is black enough, and its also a great card; powerful but balanced. Sure its not Sublime Archangel, but this is only a rare, and it can really turn the tide late in the game, draining your opponent of creatures by forcing him to chump block (unless he wants to take 6 plus any other exalted you have) and sacrificing a creature. It will be a king in limited and great in casual, plus i think it may even see some standard play considering how slow M13 is.
Posted By: nunzioni (7/9/2012 5:53:31 PM)


@ alphagprime:
I'll do you one better. If he dies cast Rise from the Grave on him and reattach all that equipment. He's now a black/white Demon Angel Zombie. Or if you're not doing standard you could always attach a Nim Deathmantle to him. That makes him all of the above with intimidate and you can pay 4 to bring him back if he dies. For the hell of it, have him put on a pretty Whispersilk Cloak when you're done throwing all that crap on him...
Posted By: Kaleidostorm (7/17/2012 11:40:54 PM)


Actually, this flying abyss isn't bad at all in my opinion. Might see real play when Return to Ravnica rolls in and we face the brave new world of titanless standard.

Posted By: Zenzei (8/11/2012 2:44:13 PM)


Insane in limited. My girlfriend pulled one at the release and every time it came out she won. If you're running B/W exalted definitely consider putting a couple of him in there.
Posted By: rollinsclone (8/17/2012 9:31:42 AM)


Oddly, combos extremely well with Angelic Benediction...

When attacking alone he would destroy a creature, tap another one, and gain +2/+2.

Give him Angelic Armaments for another +2/+2 and turn him into a black Demon Angel =3. For even more contradictory fun give him give him Bladed Bracers for an additional +1/+1 and Vigilance (thanks to being turned into an angel by the Armaments.)

And while we are at it and on the topic of things in W/B that work well with Exalted in the new Standard, Builder's Blessing gives him an additional +0/+2 because Vigilant causes him to no longer tap and buffs whatever army you have to support your Exalted Angel Demon @.@

For those of you mathing at home that's a total score of 10/12 Flying Vigilant Exalted Demon Angel that destroys a creature and taps another when he attacks. XD But that's only if you're into that whole irony thing.
Posted By: alphagprime (7/7/2012 11:11:58 AM)


I like this card. I never played when Rafiq was big, and I don't play EDH, so wouldn't try to mesh. I hate the idea that having an ability automatically means it needs to mesh with all other cards with that ability. I may only play standard, but a B/W exalted deck does work, especially with enough control. Kill cards and O-rings boost this deck into tournament proportions. So don't diss a card simply cause of Rafiq's clash with him. As a creature, he is pretty powerful. A solid 4/5, imo
Posted By: Crosserenti (7/16/2012 10:43:44 PM)


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