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Like all Eldrazi: there's nothing more fun than actually hardcasting them. They really feel like you've summoned a God-beast onto the field, and you're kinda just watching it tear the world apart.

Maybe they aren't old; maybe they're not instilled in the story-line, but they're definitely Epic.
Posted By: Hashbeth (4/11/2013 8:41:24 PM)


Does it look to anyone else like he's wearing Magneto's helmet?
Posted By: EdgarPoeAllen (8/9/2013 12:38:25 PM)


Eldrazi is translated as "the drazi" in spanish.

Posted By: car2n (3/4/2014 6:58:54 PM)


Wizards with FTV: Legends Decisions:
What do we want to print for this?
Sisay, obv.
couple of portal 3 legends 'cause they are obnoxiously rare
a bunch of other random legends
oh, and an eldrazi.
Which one? Emrakul?
No, too predictable. Ulamog. He has a helmet.
Posted By: pedrodyl (8/26/2011 12:06:18 AM)


I STILL can't believe he doesn't have Reach.
Posted By: 001010011100101110 (9/18/2011 7:56:06 PM)


Does anyone actually play colourless EDH decks? I mean, Ulamog is scary, but I thought the point of the set was to give us new commanders...
Posted By: swords_to_exile (9/16/2011 9:26:15 PM)


Hmmmm. Wonder why they picked this guy for FTV? There are a lot of more flavorful legends waiting out there...
Posted By: Condor_96 (8/29/2011 5:39:01 PM)


I agree with this over Emrakul. Emrakul was a prerelease foil, remember?
Posted By: Kryptnyt (9/3/2011 3:22:31 PM)


I suspect part of the reason they picked him over Emrakul is that Big E is banned in EDH. And Ulamog is better than Kozilek, because he has a relevant ability (indestructability) even after he's in play, or if he's cheated in.
Posted By: sonorhC (9/4/2011 10:46:45 PM)


Personally, I have a preference to Ulamog over Emrakul (Emrakul actually dies to Ulamog :o). I mean Ulamog is a massive threat when he hits the board, and he's difficult to deal with, but he's more reasonable to deal with than Emrakul. Just my preference I suppose.

I really do enjoy the "I play Emrakul with Elvish Piper, Rawr"
".... I play Ulamog... Hai Emrakul.. Oh, Nvm, Bai Emrakul. Good talking to you"
Posted By: Cyleal (5/23/2012 1:02:05 PM)