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Fortunately, blue has a myriad of ways to make this little guy unblockable, giving you a repeatable Boomarang every turn. That can lock down games alone, if used in conjunction with old-school lockdown. I mean, look at the terror Waterfront Bouncer wrecked, and that was merely a repeatable Unsummon.

Unfortunately, blue does NOT have the means to make the most of this card- that is, creature pump. The only viable option, without splashing, is a couple of Unstable Mutations slapped on his back. Not that that's BAD, of course, but it might not be possible given you budget/format. Otherwise, splash him with green, hand him a Whispersilk Cloak, and start bouncing. Or run him with some more power-boosting equipment if you're really against the splash.

Of course, that's a lot of setup for a simple trick. But when you're returning 4-5 permanents per swing, it's a trick that will win y... (see all)
Posted By: DoctorKenneth (6/7/2010 5:32:52 PM)


Give him a Whispersilk Cloak and a good old fashioned Bonesplitter.
Posted By: Concerned_Bystander (3/8/2011 1:54:06 AM)


Grand Architect and Adaptive Automaton are decent options without dipping into other colours for a more fish style deck
Posted By: Latronis (9/13/2011 6:24:25 PM)


This card does so well early in a game.

Third turn he's out, somehow make him unblockable - which in blue, is rather simple done, and each turn you return the creature they played last turn, or a land if they didn't.

Use a cheap Artifact to buff him up even a slight amount and you can control the game.

I would personally believe this is why blue has counterspell, because once this is out, it becomes the main target of the game.
Posted By: Dreampanda (9/21/2011 9:52:34 AM)


Sleep or Blustersquall and get in there! Pump him up with a little help from the green Soulbond creatures for extra salt in the wound :)
Posted By: Earthdawn (6/4/2013 5:32:58 AM)