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This is going to be a bomb in constructed one day, you'll see. Every deck will have 4 in their sbs to counter some insane land enchantment.

I'm gonna get my playset before they go up.
Posted By: yousquiddinme (11/23/2012 8:06:21 AM)


Hard counter to the new M14 card, Awaken the Ancient. I knew all these Street Sweepers would come in handy!
Posted By: anhsieh (5/17/2013 11:07:25 AM)


... But at its BEST, you can play it for free after getting Rakdos, Lord of Riots in for some damage!

Eh... I tried :p
Posted By: StreamHopper (9/27/2012 12:48:59 AM)


I hope Gatecrash has a card that can get rid of auras attached to enchantments. I'm so sick of playing against Steal Enchantment.
Posted By: Demento_Recraves (10/2/2012 10:15:50 PM)


Or Dec '93 on a non-creature.
Posted By: HuntingDrake (12/13/2012 12:21:34 AM)


Kills Genju and Zendikon , is a fairly costed artifact creature, and gives people a reason to run Trace of Abundance.

Can't say I have a problem with any of this. Looks cool, is interesting, and has a couple of odd uses. Hopefully it'll be a bit more relevant in Gatecrash and the Third set.

EDIT: Ah HA! I knew it would be relevant! Look at that...second...cycle of land enchantments that aren't all that good.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (1/30/2013 9:48:40 PM)


Gets locked down by Debtor's Pulpit.
Posted By: RocketLobster (2/8/2013 1:34:13 AM)


love the flavor on this card
Posted By: mdakw576 (10/5/2012 4:06:11 PM)


How could it not cost 6? DID YOU SEE THAT ABILITY? All Auras on target land! Buh-roken.
Posted By: RedAtrocitus (10/6/2012 12:22:23 AM)


Damn, there goes my land aura deck...
Nothing beats a 6CMC sideboarder.
Posted By: Sironos (10/10/2012 7:28:35 PM)


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