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Master Biomancer. No one said there'd be math...
Posted By: Continue (8/24/2013 5:33:12 PM)


@evenblackerlotus: When you cast Infinite Reflection on Ixidron, all other nontoken creatures you control become copies of Ixidron. If they're already face down due to Ixidron's effect, they continue to be face down 2/2 creatures as per CR 706.3. Ixidron itself does not have morph, so you cannot normally turn these creatures face up. When you cast another creature, it becomes a copy of Ixidron and all other creatures (including the original Ixidron) are turned face down.
Posted By: adrian.malacoda (12/8/2012 4:26:55 PM)


A rating of 3,7 for a card like that?

Certainly now that Biovisionary is out, this card's rating will climb up.
Posted By: vardaris (1/21/2013 4:35:21 AM)


The high mana cost makes it difficult to play, but, if properly abused, makes for some tasty shenanigans. For example, drop this on Soul of the Harvest, deck yourself out and look like an idiot. Or if thats not a ridiculous enough idea, now you can build a Relentless Rats deck without accumulating many many actual relentless rats cards. Doesn't seem realistic in standard though, you'd be susceptable to Sever the Bloodline and Detention sphere unless you put it on something hexproof.
Posted By: Gibbons (12/4/2012 11:54:37 AM)


Stock up on these...Biovisionary is going to break this card.
Posted By: Toquinha1977 (1/3/2013 6:32:01 PM)


Put it on Mirror-Sigil Sergeant along with Followed Footsteps to add some ridiculousness to the game.
Posted By: Raexs (1/18/2014 2:39:45 PM)


Update: I played this very successfully in my Vela the Night Clad EDH deck. Cast on Vela, and all of your creatures will become Vela. Legendary rule makes them all die and each of their 'leaves the battlefield' abilities trigger making each opponent lose N^2 life where N is the number of non-token creatures you controlled. You only need 7 creatures out to do the 49 life needed to end an EDH game. Any time I resolved this on her it was an instant game over.

This is a funny card and I like funny cards. Combos with any time two is better than one. Here, have some stupid combos. Useless, but they should make you think.

March of the Machines + Mindslaver (or any other powerful artifact) : expendable mindslavers.

Experiment Kraj + Enchanted Evening + Opalescence + Planeswalkers : All your creatures are now custom planeswalkers.

I have been trying to work out a wa... (see all)
Posted By: Enelysios (1/24/2014 3:10:04 AM)


I hadn't thought of the lord thing, scurbypirate, that's pretty good. And the Sages of the Anima idea sounds convoluted and awesome. Hmm..
This card is comboable, yes, but a bit pricey at 6 mana.
Posted By: pedrodyl (4/27/2012 6:55:23 PM)


wow, sounds like a LOT of people don't actually know how to play Magic!

Posted By: PastProphet (2/3/2013 9:48:21 AM)


So, let's say I have five creatures on the battlefield, and Sek'Kuar, Deathkeeper. And I play this on sekkuar. Then I got six sekkuars. They die, and I get... 6*5... thirty 3/1 tokens, which equals 90 damage, with haste.
Also fun with kokusho, the evening star.
Posted By: majinara (9/12/2012 4:17:04 AM)


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