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Still solid. 3/5 for utility. I run it in every non-green deck that needs fixing.
Posted By: RJDroid (6/2/2012 9:58:17 AM)


Way solid - there's two very important factors about Armillary Sphere that really give it that edge over a 3/5 card, in addition to being accessible to every color (most notably, non-green :P as mentioned by others).

(1) It's card advantage - one artifact ==> two lands = +1 card
(2) It's on the mana payment plan. Who remembers how sick Courier's Capsule was back in Shards limited?

Gotta go 4/5 for the ole 'Millary Sphere
Posted By: bowlofgumbo (6/8/2012 5:58:57 AM)


This is pretty powerful - probably competes with Darksteel Ingot (and even Gilded Lotus) among artifacts that support multi-colored efforts - which can be more helpful or simply better in many decks than Green's abilities to provide similar assistance (because, for one thing, not all multi-colored decks are able or wanting to include Green).

However, in decks that do contain Green - and even in mono-Green decks - the Sphere has great synergy with the solid and playable Explore.
Posted By: humor_love (6/10/2012 6:31:06 PM)


Great card when you need lands. Has saved me dozens of times 5/5.
Posted By: theblasterman (5/31/2012 7:28:24 PM)


4/5 -- This card is great in casual decks. Lately, I've been using it with a Hellcarver Demon/monoB-control deck. This helps because 1) I don't have to over populate the deck with lands to get to 6 mana; and, 2) gets lands out of the deck so that I'm more likely to draw into spells when the demon hits.
Posted By: alzabo (9/11/2012 6:32:39 AM)


Armillary Sphere is a card that finds its way into my mono-red EDH decks, but little else. This color, in particular, is lacking in two key areas: mana development and card draw. This card contributes a little to both, in a rather indirect way.

Red decks have access to pretty much all the same mana rocks other colors do, but little beyond that baseline to keep pace with other colors' development. While the Sphere doesn't actually accelerate mana, it helps hit land drops. Red needs that extra help when it's not searching up lands in the early game from Brainstorm and Cultivate-type effects. With that dearth of non-land mana sources, red decks really need to hit as many land drops as they can up until the latest stages of the game, in hope to keep up.

Red is lacking in conventional draw, but it's getting ever better at cycling away unwanted cards (via WInds of Change, Incendiary Command, Faith... (see all)
Posted By: voyager1 (11/30/2012 7:31:42 AM)