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Sometimes, My delicious meals hide themselves in some weird shit too.
Posted By: RAV0004 (6/1/2012 3:10:27 AM)


2 1/1 creatures, in intervals, for Green? Sounds like a good deal. Even the flavor text hints that you should feed them to bigger things.
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (5/31/2012 8:37:21 PM)



Mmmm . . . they're similar, but not necessarily strictly better or worse.
Posted By: Edio (7/6/2012 1:59:35 PM)



OBJECTION! This card is NOT strictly worse then young wolf, it is only used differently. The card by themselves would be clear that one is better then other, but if consider this a token generating deck, then your most likely going to be running Parallel Lives or Doubling Season. Sac it, get 2 1/1s, and get two more things to sac. Young wolf will only return as 2/2, and even with doubling season, it may return a 3/3, but devour works on numbers purely.

Now, doom traveler isn't precisely better either, It's white, and that off color to benefit a devour deck like this is made. Doom Traveler is perfect for the white weenie token decks though. It really all about the situation, and when it comes to devour, this card is great.
Posted By: Petrified_Treefolk (7/30/2012 11:28:25 AM)


I do have these replaced with Young Wolf in my modified deck only because I'd rather have a 2/2 after dropping a devourer rather than a 1/1 token. If I had Parallel Lives or better yet a Doubling Season I'd keep them in, or just have em both in if I had room.
Posted By: DustD (11/16/2012 4:44:52 PM)


The other reason that this isn't strictly worse than Doomed Traveler or Young Wolf is tribal. In an actual thallid deck, between Sporoloth Ancient and Sporesower Thallid this will turn into another token maker if it survives, and if it doesn't survive but the Saproling does, the saproling can be sacced for effect to another saproling.

Not that it's likely you'd run this in a thallid deck, since there are so many better choices, including better 1-drop choices. Unless you need more than 8 one-drops, this won't be used for that much.
Posted By: 00zau (1/14/2013 7:29:44 AM)


Yup, even the flavor text hints that you should use this for devour mechanic.

4/5, 'cause I like the Doomed Traveler more.
Posted By: TwentyFifthBaam (10/24/2012 12:38:57 AM)


Strictly worse than Young Wolf. That's really the only thing I have to say about it; I swapped the ones in my Planechase deck for Young Wolves as soon as I went through the deck.
Posted By: chrismus (6/15/2012 2:05:29 PM)


Doomed Traveler
Posted By: Jayquaz (6/1/2012 10:24:38 AM)


Not a bad card, great chump blocker, good in limited. Doomed traveler and young wolf kind of obsolete it in constructed though.
Posted By: nunzioni (7/26/2012 6:29:13 AM)


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