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5 mana for 4 damage and an impulse seems very fine!
Posted By: Shiizu (12/30/2009 6:57:15 PM)


@Gromgrom; that would be at sorcery speed, and probably still do four damage if it was split up...
Posted By: Kryptnyt (10/25/2010 2:03:24 AM)


Deal 4 damage to either a ceature or player and get a free card? And it's a Instant? Very cool and not a bad cost either..
Posted By: PaladinOfSunhome (9/17/2009 6:19:10 AM)


Better than a cantrip! But the abilities aren't synergistic at all.
Posted By: NeoKoda (8/16/2011 8:22:27 PM)


An interesting fusion of Red and Blue ideals. Not super expensive. Powerful in the right situation. Seems like a decent card, in my book (or library).
Posted By: Zulp (6/23/2009 10:48:31 PM)


Impulse and flame javelin in one same card and costs 2 colorless instead of RR
I love this card
Posted By: Sidecutte (6/5/2010 10:40:51 AM)


@the sturm.

Bituminous Blast isn't as good: you can only target creatures for the 4 damage, so it's not as flexible in its targeting. Also, Cascade forces you to either play or lose to exile the first card that is revealed that has a lower converted cost than the Bituminous Blast; you don't get to save it in your hand for later. Furthermore, the card you get to play for free may not be a card you want, but Cascade gives you no say in what card you get to play, so again, lack of flexibility in the card aspect as well as damage. And to me, playing the card for free doesn't offset that fact that I may be forced to play a card that won't help me in the given situation when Cascade goes off; I've never been a fan of Cascade because of this.

Prophetic Bolt can deal the 4 damage to a player or creature and it doesn't care about the cost of a card as you look at in the top four of your deck, you get to choose any one of the 4 cards to put in your hand. Furthermore, you're not forced... (see all)
Posted By: Daijin26 (1/14/2011 1:04:11 PM)


I'd rather play a Bituminous Blast.
Posted By: The_Sturm (1/8/2011 3:04:31 AM)


very underpowered in today's standards, but at least it has a home in EDH. I really miss the days where this card was amazing.

updated for the new kiddies:

5 Damage divided as you choose, scry 3, then draw a card.
Posted By: gromgrom777 (9/2/2010 6:46:17 AM)


Prophetic Bolt: When you just need a Lightning Blast stapled to an Impulse.
Posted By: Test-Subject_217601 (10/29/2010 11:20:29 AM)


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