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Strictly worse than Cremate.
Somewhat regrettable seeing that this card uses such a generous name.

And regarding flavor i also think it doesn't suit that nicely.
Of course it has to be graveyard-related, but exiling something from the graveyard because you officially put a freaking headstone on top of it? That doesn't sound that consequential...
Now if that Murat was a Death Keeper and not a Death Speaker this would be a different matter, but apparently death speakers don't know 'bout my Reanimate.
Posted By: Mode (1/10/2010 5:45:04 AM)


I understand what they're trying to do with the flavor, that death is inescapable, but this makes zero sense to Magic norms. Hell just imagine Vengvine's funeral when the first two mourners show up... (assuming he wasn't cremated of course.)
Posted By: Bandswithother (11/16/2010 2:49:53 PM)


At least it sort of replaces itself...
Posted By: tcollins (1/17/2011 1:33:58 AM)


Well it's now strictly worse than cremate. For example, if someone makes you discard your hand, play headstone in response. You will still have to discard your hand, but the slowtrip will make you draw another card during their turn.
Or if someone plays something that deals damage to you, depending on the cards in your hand. Play headstone to reduce your hand size, and it'll get back to it's former size during the opponents turn.
Posted By: majinara (3/1/2011 12:15:25 PM)


Cool old art, but very narrow.
Posted By: GrimGorgonBC (10/28/2009 10:40:56 PM)


Not all that usefull.
Posted By: Silverware (8/29/2009 7:38:02 PM)


Narrow, but at least the idea was worth redoing in better, modern cards.
Posted By: Radagast (11/4/2011 11:15:15 AM)


Headstone isn't that bad, but yes, very narrow. Cremate does the same thing at half the cost. Purify The Grave is the White version, getting flashback instead of card draw. Then there is Tormod's Crypt and Grafdigger's Cage for graveyard nuking/lockdown. Still, if you can't get those, then I suppose Headstone is the next best thing to Cremate. I know things have changed a lot since Homelands, but it is nice to see this card can stop persist, undying, flashback, dredge, and if you are fast enough, scavenge, not to mention reanimate or graveyard-to-hand cards.

But, that is my opinion. Thank you.
Posted By: DarthMetool (5/15/2013 5:39:07 PM)


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