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Smile and the world smiles back at you.
Posted By: jumpingjacked (8/3/2010 12:22:32 PM)


Cost to play 4 mana

cost to activate 2 mana and sacrifice

seeing the look on thier face when your playing your opponents Time Walk or Ancestral Recall, Priceless
Posted By: Pontiac (4/11/2011 9:09:41 PM)


@tavaritz: true on all counts, but the fact that it's an artifact makes it available to all deck colours. Praetor's Grasp has 2 black in it, ensuring that you have to be playing mono black or a bunch of multi-lands.

@Bluecash: Seconded. I cracked 2 of these and remember them being one of the most powerful cards in Mirage, along with Celestial Dawn. Both can be bought in bulk now.
Posted By: Toquinha1977 (3/9/2012 12:19:37 PM)


Praetor's Grasp is cheaper, has no time limit on casting the spell and doesn't warn beforehand.
Posted By: tavaritz (6/5/2011 3:59:50 AM)


Fixed Word of Command.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (2/15/2010 6:44:26 PM)


God, I cannot believe what used to go for almost twenty bucks now can be picked up for fifty cents. For me, this is the most iconic Mirage card.
Posted By: Bluecash (3/30/2011 1:09:38 PM)


I use it with Eon Hub, so there's no time limit on playing their cards. I also run Naked Singularity to ensure that they can't cast their own spells. Plus Darksteel Ingot or something similar, so that I can cast what I pull regardless of color.

I recur the whole thing with Academy Ruins.

The Hub also means that Delay and Ertai's Meddling are hard counters.

Mostly what I fetch are the cards they might use to disrupt my combos, but eventually I start getting their wincons.

Works surprisingly well.
Posted By: The_Murderauder (3/30/2014 3:10:46 AM)


Um.. Elvish Piper? Quicksilver Amulet?
Posted By: AtreidesHybrid (4/27/2014 8:41:41 AM)


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