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Suck it YawgWin.
Posted By: Test-Subject_217601 (10/12/2010 8:46:06 AM)


Suck it, Snapcaster Mage!

Seriously, this would work well as a sideboard card against Snapcaster in standard. Given the return of flashback in Innistrad, I wouldn't be surprised if WotC reprinted it in Dark Ascension or the next set.
Posted By: itsmeyouidiot (10/18/2011 12:29:39 PM)


accompanying sedris and dralnu in an afterlife/mill FACE ANNIHILATION COMBO.
Posted By: heavyterror (1/2/2011 5:46:27 AM)


Problem, Snapcaster Mage?
Posted By: Saxophonist (11/2/2011 5:03:39 PM)


it should be an enchantment
Posted By: Teotanek (4/5/2012 5:36:33 PM)


This definitely needs a reprint, colorshifted perhaps, called Bridges in the Sky.
One of you somewhere got that joke.
Posted By: PhantomDust (4/25/2012 10:49:09 PM)


@Stinga: You use it in response to spells (like Recoup or Snapcaster Mage or Yawgmoth's Will) that let your opponent cast spells from their graveyard.
Posted By: syrazemyla (3/4/2013 12:46:05 PM)


best response to yawgwill
Posted By: BambooNickel (10/19/2009 4:07:30 PM)


Ive always wondered what you can really do with this card aside from use it against flashback or unearth decks
Posted By: FugimSky (12/30/2009 7:59:34 PM)


It doesn't even work agains Unearth decks! One of the all-time worst cards ever. EVER.
Posted By: Fanaticmogg (1/31/2011 2:32:12 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!