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Slightly better than Terramorphic Expanse, actually. The primary advantage of this is the ability to search for a nonbasic land such as Blood Crypt. I would instead compare this to Bloodstained Mire, and criticize it because it ETBT. 3/5
Posted By: rubber (1/18/2010 4:11:58 PM)


@Treima, Between this and Terramorphic Expanse, there is no timing difference. With the expanse, you get a tapped land this turn; with this land you get an untapped land this turn. Under ordinary circ-umstances, if you are playing red/black. Another point is that you don't have to decide a turn before you actually need it, if you want a mountain or a swamp, which could be relevant. With that said I really only see this as really useful in EDH or other Singleton formats. Though as pointed out earlier, the card that is faster than this is Bloodstained Mire.
Posted By: Deathtamoor (7/26/2010 6:17:43 PM)


The difference is that Terramorphic Expanse is not at all vulnerable to Wasteland.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (6/24/2011 5:01:41 PM)


Terramorphic Expanse that you can only use on the turn after you play it, except you get an untapped mountain or swamp, no thanks. 0/5
Posted By: JL_Weber (1/12/2010 7:22:09 PM)


It's decent. If you're running your average black/red deck, you want to be as fast as possible and that's why I'd prefer Terramorphic Expanse.
Posted By: Treima (5/29/2010 9:39:24 PM)


In a {UBR} edh, you need all the fetches you can get. More playable than Terramorphic Expanse, less playable than Bloodstained Mire. I wish there was a clause to let it come into play untapped like Dragonskull Summit or Blackcleave Cliffs. All in all, good mana fixer.

And Kryptnyt, if you're worried about Wasteland, your play partner is probably either a Legacy player, or a douchebag. If you're playing with Terramorphic Expanse and your opponent has Wasteland, aren't you already behind in power?
Posted By: DacenOctavio (1/8/2013 2:32:04 AM)