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a 6/3 when attacking and a 3/6 when blocking, for 5 CMC. Good for limited but that's about it.
Posted By: Ryjhan (1/23/2013 1:54:11 PM)


The versatility makes this a great limited pick, as it's good at all parts of the game.
Posted By: rollinsclone (1/23/2013 10:13:32 PM)


A former Grull member? Borborygmos's son perhaps?

Edit: Just noticed this guy owns Thragtusk on defense when he becomes a 3/6.
Posted By: Purplerooster (5/3/2013 11:52:06 AM)


It's a slightly worse version of flowstone charger. Where this guy is most of the times 3/3, the charger is 2/5, which is arguably better, not to mention he costs only four mana instead of five. Sure, when attacking this guy is 6/3 instead of 5/3 and when blocking 3/5 instead of 2/5, but still, I'dplay the charger over this. This guy is simply overcosted. If it would be 6/6 all the time for five mana of two colors, it wouldn't be too strong either.
Posted By: majinara (1/27/2013 10:20:51 PM)


Can only imagine how good this guy is with Aurelia out. swing for 6 and then swing for 9 in one turn.
Posted By: Smoke_Stack (2/16/2013 8:51:36 PM)


The best thing about abilities like this is that they trigger twice when you use multiple attack phase cards. Also, Strionic Resonator can double that for {2}, which isn't so bad.
Posted By: NARFNra (7/21/2013 9:31:19 PM)


Seems like it ought to have vigilance, so you can use both triggers each turn.
Posted By: 00zau (1/26/2013 7:02:38 PM)


if it were 4 cmc... still strong for limited though
Posted By: Curlie-Joe (1/24/2013 1:03:28 PM)


This art is bitchin'.
Posted By: lorendorky (1/22/2013 3:53:33 PM)


He's a red boros Cyclops, am I the only one getting a tf2 reference here?
Posted By: ravenclaw567 (1/23/2013 7:17:07 PM)


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