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So theres a bit of a tribal thing going on in Modern Masters (talking draft here). Which makes sense, I mean lorwyn is a big part of it. So you've got your goblins and your faries as you might expect, and a couple odd ones like a few rebels and a few thalids. But out of all the tribes they could have gone with, I would have thought giants would have been pretty close to the bottom.

Not that I'm upset, just kind of bemused me
Posted By: leingodf8 (6/6/2013 1:48:11 AM)


Well, they wanted to go with the tribes that aren't really around today - at the moment, it's the leftovers of the Innistrad Block, plus upcoming Slivers. Also possibly Soldiers too, and of course Elves and Goblins.

I think reprinting some of the harder to get tribal cards helps with people building those decks - I mean, this guy is clearly a tremendous part of the Giant tribe, he's a one-sided boardwiping fatty. Run some green in your Giants to get the speed going and this guy will slap apart the faster, cheaper tribes like Vamps or Goblins and leave them at a serious tempo disadvantage. Giants are a very underappreciated tribe too, so it's possible they wanted to give people who can't be bothered splashing the money for the Vamp/Goblin/Elf/Zombie Lords something to try out.
Posted By: psychichobo (6/9/2013 3:48:07 PM)


Personally, I love this card. Even outside of a giant tribal deck, it's still a 4/4 for 5 that deals 1 damage to each other creature when it comes into play. That's pretty solid on its own. And in a giant tribal, it can get insane.
Posted By: Skeletextman (6/11/2013 10:00:38 PM)


I agree with leingodf8, a Giant subtheme going on in Modern Masters seems random, or at least unexpected.
I mean, who in the world would have thought of Giant tribal when he first heard about Modern Masters?

If there will somehow be many Giants that can be played in the early game, this guy will easily provide a one-sided board wipe for such decks. He's to Giants what Noxious Ghoul is to Zombies.
Posted By: Mode (11/9/2013 7:23:02 AM)


that thing in tribal giants is like a day of judjment in a knight deck with knight exemplar- a one-sided mass removal.
Posted By: O0oze (12/16/2013 10:10:04 AM)