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I wonder if this reprint will drive the price down, or if this is just always going to be a six dollar card despite being printed five times.

Who is buying every single playset of Path?
Posted By: Taudisban (6/5/2013 7:51:01 PM)


Anyone notice that Modern Masters has been INCREASING the price of some modern cards? I think PtE went down, but still, I pulled a foil of it and got an Angel of Serenity for it. I would have built a playset but I prefer to trade/sell foils.
Posted By: Kaleidostorm (6/13/2013 12:31:57 PM)


Too good. Way too good.
Posted By: Kestrelio (7/19/2013 8:22:42 PM)


Yes, this art is better than the previous one.
Posted By: whoiam (6/6/2013 8:42:36 AM)


I was hoping for Rebecca Grey's version, Nordic warrior resting on his ship as he took his final voyage.
Posted By: Cyberium (6/5/2013 1:15:15 PM)


Glad they sticked to this art
Posted By: flavioal28 (6/4/2013 5:43:54 PM)


This is one of those card that can help or hurt you..... Mana ramping your opponent even once can end your game quickly.. Play this twice on the wrong creatures and you can be in serious trouble fast as they cast bigger spells or more per turn...

There are many options for instant removal... Everyone compares this to Condemn.. situationally, condemn is the better spell IF they are attacking... Situational... Often over looked is Dismember... Instant removal you can cast for 1... Same as path.. And instead of mana ramping them, you just lose 4 life... Often times, you will have the three mana open on their turn and can resolve it with no negatives... Any big creatures with toughness greater than 5 are probably attacking and can be condemned... Or chump blocked by a smaller creature and also dismembered.
Posted By: Zylo- (8/29/2013 9:22:11 PM)


Woah guys, Path to Exile is played in Modern?

Posted By: Ferlord (6/16/2013 8:14:16 PM)


how interesting this price never changed inspite of being reprinted many times.
if this would be reprinted in todays standard, this would have been a mythic.

Posted By: chainsmoker (7/14/2013 11:25:08 PM)


Gah, I hate the disintegrating lion-man art. Should've given us the Rebecca Guay art instead.
Posted By: Atali (6/23/2013 2:42:39 PM)