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I love that I can get these so much easier now for modern elf combo with Beck // Call. Though with a limited print run, it might not be that much easier.

And by the way, love the color indicator on this.
Posted By: Phage123 (6/6/2013 5:24:14 PM)


This card is cool. It's like a backwards tutor. With most tutors, you sacrifice your current turn to make your next turn huge, but with this, you make this turn huge but sacrifice your next turn.
Posted By: SAUS3 (6/7/2013 10:42:29 AM)


"(...) And by the way, love the color indicator on this."

@Phage123 Agreed. I almost forgot about the color indicator they introduced with transformed cards in Innistrad,
like Garruk, the Veil-Cursed.
Posted By: Mode (6/11/2013 2:34:12 PM)


This + Slaughterhorn in Mono Green Infect. Effective cheap pump.
Posted By: bparx (6/12/2013 8:19:05 PM)


*outside* of combo it's largely replaceable with Green Sun's Zenith; however; one must remember that if you *can* pay the cost that this leaves you on curve rather than a mana behind. It's also instant speed, meaning trickery can be applied with it in regards to flash creatures, creatures with weird instant-speed abilities.

It's also useful for a utility deck trying to get to a Progenitus, especially after the Prog has died once or twice. The more tutors you have, the better!
Posted By: blurrymadness (8/8/2013 9:40:52 AM)


This makes me realize that Wizards can never print a card that messes with your upkeep. The amount of things that would break is staggering, beginning with this.

Still, it's fun to think what the effect of a card like "Skip your next upkeep. At the end of your next turn, you lose the game" could be. Combine with Final Fortune for maximum craziness.

Edit: how wrong I was. See Eon Hub. Good God.
Posted By: Haywood (8/31/2013 11:21:25 AM)



Gibbering Descent
Posted By: Paleopaladin (12/27/2013 11:01:20 PM)