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Limited all-star. Slap auras on it and go to town.
On the negative side, I'm personally in favor of Hexproof, but they didn't even bother to justify it on this creature. Gladecover Scout and Invisible Stalker are sneaky, Aven Fleetwing is fast, Slippery Bogle is slippery... This one hides under water?
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (9/17/2013 2:21:55 PM)


@ Avensai

Gladecover Scout is a 4-of in the Modern and Pauper hexproof decks, it is setting a pretty high standard for being the best we have. It even isn't terrible in limited.

As far as this guy goes, well, he IS scaled back but very few creatures in this set can naturally fight through 5 toughness. There is a total of five at the common and uncommon rarities. This guy will basically dominate every limited game he's played in and he is splashable. Hexproof does not feel like a balanced mechanic to me and I would like to see Shroud back.
Posted By: Taudisban (9/17/2013 10:35:37 PM)


Well, they did state how it works in the flavor text. I'm gonna take it as magic. Some hexproof and shroud creatures are just magically hard to deal with.

Like Kalonian Behemoth
Posted By: anotherfan321 (9/17/2013 6:29:13 PM)


IS IT SO HARD TO ADD "This creature cannot be countered?"?

I mean seriously, outside sealed it's completely useless because it either
1. will get counterspelled
2. you will not live long enough to cast this
3. the moment you cast this, a flyer will lethal you

Posted By: DmitryM (11/21/2013 8:15:52 PM)


Wrecks in Theros limited. 4/5
You can tell Wizards made sure hexproof's not going to be abused this format with bestowing creatures all over.

Lol, also, good going everyone for missing the flavor entirely.. this guy has hexproof because he embodies the inevitable, you can't do anything about him; he's coming to smash you whether you can do anything about him or not.
Posted By: Petertracy (12/8/2013 4:59:52 AM)


'Benthic' refers to the bottom of a body of water. So this guy gets his hexproof from lurking at the bottom of the ocean. The flavor text is probably referring to how you can see the Benthic Giant's silhoutte if you peer into the depths, yet can't do anything but hope it doesn't rise up to swat you.
Posted By: IncoherentEssay (2/27/2014 6:41:58 AM)


Ben, Thick Giant.
Posted By: BorosGreengrocer (3/4/2014 9:12:14 AM)


Trygon_Protector, I think the flavor is that if you are at sea and you see that thing coming out of the ocean and towering over you. you will be way to stunned to even think about trying to do something to it.
Posted By: ravenclaw567 (9/17/2013 4:59:40 PM)


I actually think Wizards has pulled one over on the entire Magic community with hexproof. First they gave us shroud. Then Troll Ascetic was an amazing card. Then they gave us creatures like Uril, the Miststalker and Thrun, the Last Troll just to show how amazing Hexproof could be (it wasn't called Hexproof yet, recall). Then, in the set that officially phased out Shroud, Innistrad, they show us just how abusable this "fixed shroud" could be with monstrosities like Invisible Stalker and Geist of Saint Traft. Since those two, hexproof has been scaled back considerably to the point where the best hexproof creature in standard is most likely Gladecover Scout. Benthy here is just another example of Wizards scaling back a mechanic that they probably knew would cause problems when they modified it from shroud, a "balanced" mechanic.
Posted By: Avensai (9/17/2013 6:43:24 PM)


Meh. I guess it's ok in limited, if you got ways to buff it up. Otherwise it's just a tad too expensive for the stats.
Posted By: majinara (9/17/2013 11:14:05 PM)


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