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Alright, i'll get flayer of the hatebound.
Who wants me to get more stuff?
Posted By: Shadowcaster3975 (10/29/2013 9:04:27 PM)


This seems like the most desirable Temptation.
Posted By: lorendorky (10/29/2013 9:18:37 PM)


It's like Exhume, but better. For sure, the most tempting offer of them all.
Posted By: Petertracy (10/29/2013 9:26:58 PM)


Actually I think it's the second worst Temptation, simply because the smart opponents will know exactly what you're going to get. Your graveyard has to be filled with dirt cheap worthless shit before someone's going to let you recur more than one or two things. The other temptations give you surprise options, and I think that's more relevant to the choice offer you tend to trade off on.
Posted By: RAV0004 (10/29/2013 11:41:01 PM)


Can't really get it. It's ok but very situational. I predict it to be very rare indeed that someone would take the bait and even then it would most likely be a situation where your opponents would dig up something sweet and your graveyard has a random sakura-tribe elder as the only valid target. Of course the ideal situation to play this card is when you'd have a few nasty, possibly game changing spooks in your graveyard but then.. who would ever be tempted?
Posted By: AtArms (10/30/2013 8:09:58 AM)


This seams almost too good... :/

5/5 Stars
Posted By: Hunter06 (10/29/2013 4:43:41 PM)


Fantastic potential.
Posted By: LordOfTheFlies87 (10/30/2013 10:11:55 AM)


Really hard (maybe impossible) card to break. First, for it to be better than Rise from the Grave or Zombify, someone has to take the offer-in other words, this is an opponent dependent card with a mode that is worse than an already existing card. But in order to be playable, an opponent dependent card MUST have both modes /better/ than an existing card, or else its strictly worse than that existing card. See Browbeat or Dash Hopes for "opponent chooses" done right-you won't find any of their effects with that mana efficiency in their colors.

Plus, this card has a really high chance of backfiring. Like Exhume, it becomes a mostly dead card once some really powerful stuff hits your opponents' graveyard, except that unlike Exhume its too expensive for you to be likely to be cheating stuff out before your opponents have a graveyard. And if you somehow use this card before they ... (see all)
Posted By: EvilDarkVoid (12/14/2013 7:05:43 AM)


Indeed, they will always know not to do that. Which means that 90% of the time, it is just zombify for 4B. But it is a multiplayer card. In multiplayer, especialy in FFA, people play it for the fun. There is always that one guy who says "Whatever, I want my guy back" and then is scolded by everyone at the table :D
Posted By: Jeri (5/16/2014 12:14:14 PM)


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