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"Sir Scourge, welcome to our fine restaurant: "Dining with Golgari".
Here is the menu. I would recommend having
grilled Tree of Redemption along with braised Deadbridge Goliath. I hope you also would taste our world-famous snacks, including roasted bones from Tenacious Dead and BBQ-saused Slitherheads. Our tastiest beverage tonight is a bottle of Death's Presence, right from the 90's.
Also, tonight there will be fantastic music show including our great singer Corpsejack Menace and our famous band: "The Blood Artists".
Don't forget to enjoy your meal!
Can I show you a free table please?"
Posted By: TheZombifier (2/4/2014 11:46:34 PM)


It's anti-removal tech for hydra themed decks
Posted By: RAV0004 (1/28/2014 9:51:01 PM)


I see the point of this, but comparitively I will probably always choose Phantom Nantuko for my Stonebrow EDH...
Posted By: BlakeHN (1/29/2014 6:42:09 PM)


I don't care about how useful or practical or whatever this guy is, he's a hydra, and for that I love him. Really hoping I get this and the Nessian Wilds Ravager when Gods is released.
Posted By: FarisV (1/29/2014 9:07:50 PM)


Trample makes it. Too bad it's a tap power. I'm a big fan of all of these hydras. 4/5
Posted By: Steaditup (1/28/2014 6:54:16 PM)


Wall of Frost, Hover Barrier and Guardians of Meletis are reasonable targets in Standard at 3 CMC each for 7 or 6 +1/+1 counters.

If you want to ramp into it Murmuring Phantasm is 1Blue and has 5 toughness.

Out of standard, Wall of Junk ramps nicely at 2 CMC for an 0/7. Wall of Shards is 1White for a 1/8 but if you can't sac it right away, an opponent will gain 1 life.
Posted By: DrMaximillian (1/29/2014 7:54:41 AM)


This is an awful card.

First, let's assume no ramping and I just play this turn 3.

Turn 1: Forest, other stuff (Experiment One, maybe)
Turn 2: Plains, Yoked Ox.
Turn 3: Forest, This.
Turn 4: Instead of attacking, tap this to eat Yoked Ox. Now I have a tapped 6/6.
Turn 5: Now I have a 6/6 that I can swing with. That I played two turns ago and gave my opponent every opportunity to Doom Blade / Mizzium Mortars, or even Magma Jet or Shock. Oh, and if it gets that big and then gets Doom Bladed, it ate another of my cards in the process. Great.

Let's have a slightly more rosy scenario. It *is* green, after all. Ramping is what it does:

Turn 1: Forest, Elvish Mystic.
Turn 2: Forest, This
Turn 3: Land, Experiment One, Guardians of Meletis. End of Opponent's turn, sac the Guard... (see all)
Posted By: pyromosh (1/29/2014 5:41:47 PM)


Awww, who's a cute little hydra? You are! Yes, you are!!!

*eats Tree of Redemption*

*eyes Emrakul next*

In GW, feed it Yoked Oxen...
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (1/28/2014 5:17:47 PM)


They can get pretty creative with these hydras.
Posted By: clab7834 (1/28/2014 5:03:17 PM)


@Arachobia No. Traproot Kami is not for early game.
@Pyromosh I think if you're playing against black, you're boarding this out for Witchstalker. However for your removal debacle, I'd say Mortal's Resolve fixes that issue, as well as Ranger's Guile. This guy screams Simic though, so probably Simic Charm or Mizzium Skin is in the cards. Depends on the meta for your area really.

In my opinion though, he'll be best midrange, after you have your Master Biomancer out. Then again, who knows? But I agree with the synergy with Kiora's Follower. He'll probably be good in Rock.
Posted By: Dustinsanity (2/2/2014 10:49:39 AM)


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