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The bigger they are the funnier it is to tap them down.
Posted By: Flyheight (1/29/2014 10:06:04 AM)


Plus, one thing to note is that tapping down a guy to the brim with bestowed creatures is regularly ever better than killing 'im.
Posted By: anotherfan321 (1/28/2014 9:53:48 PM)


Keep i mind you can tap one of your own creatures if you draft an inspired deck.
Posted By: lorendorky (1/28/2014 6:35:04 PM)


This is hilariously under rated, at least as far as limited goes. Every. Single. Color. Got. Huge. Monsters. Got that? Cool. Turn six-ten? Just drew a 1-3 drop that is no way in hell going to stop their bomb? Guess what... it's not a useless draw with this! Seriously, you get this, you run it as a one of. It's that useful in limited. Especially against green.
Posted By: Kyuuri117 (2/1/2014 6:56:05 PM)


Well, it's closer to Cyclopean Snare than to Trip Noose or Leonin Bolas, but it is colorless removal, and it enables Inspired.
Posted By: HuntingDrake (1/31/2014 12:23:30 AM)


Lyre! Blasphemer!
Posted By: car2n (2/11/2014 11:13:46 AM)


Yeah, if you judge the card solely by what it does, it seems only fairly decent. But if one considers this in it's environment, it becomes a little better. It can tap creatures that gets very big, thus acting as a pseudo-removal. It can also double as an inspired enabler. With those elements in mind, it really isn't that bad, even for it's cost really.
Posted By: Dabok (2/15/2014 3:37:12 AM)


Of note, you can pay the equip cost again to re-use the effect on another creature, not a bad late-game stallbreaker and mana sink in Limited at all. Sure, it costs 2 mana to cast, 2 to equip, and 2 use the effect, so that's an even-in-limited problem of 6 mana. But once it's equipped to something, as 4 mana can easily slip by in a stalemated turn, you get the much more useful dynamic of:

2T: Tap target creature.
4T: Tap two target creatures. (Repeat as mana and dorks permit).

Plus, as has been mentioned, a very handy inspired enabler, though not as good as Springleaf Drum for that particular use unless you start using it to tap multiple of your own creatures.

I'd honestly take this 4-5th pick of pack 1 in draft, especially if I didn't know what my signals and strategy were yet. It's pretty much a swiss army knife at uncommon that can be added to any Limited deck and have an acceptable use, or at least be sideboarded in.

4/5 stars for basic, simple utility tha... (see all)
Posted By: Nucleon (2/28/2014 11:13:43 AM)


Why low rating ? Pain seer
Posted By: Pipikako (5/29/2014 10:53:31 AM)