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A traditionally red ability and a traditionally blue ability on their mutual allies' card.

Also, never pray to Phenax.
Posted By: DaLucaray (4/24/2014 5:03:34 PM)


Mmm, makes me want to play Nethack.

This is Crippling Blight crossed with Torment.
Posted By: HuntingDrake (4/24/2014 9:46:35 PM)


I love the flavor text. Though, it is hard to imagine that being blind is really all that much of a curse, given petrification is the only other option.
Posted By: anotherfan321 (4/24/2014 5:58:28 PM)


Phenax REALLY doesn't like the new Star Trek Reboot.

He also like aggressive decks, because this is great in one.
Posted By: Vogie (4/25/2014 11:11:26 AM)


Black's take on Pacifism. Maybe they should stick to Doom Blade; still, decent card for Limited.
Posted By: Continue (4/24/2014 3:33:00 PM)


Phenax sounds more like God of Trolling than God of Deception...

Or God of Corrupted Wishes.
Posted By: BolasEvilPlan (4/25/2014 12:29:01 AM)


I like Phenax. He's far more fleshed out than any of the other gods. (besides xenagos)
Posted By: RAV0004 (4/25/2014 4:27:49 PM)


Really love flavor text like this that tells a story that ties everything else in the card nearly together!
Posted By: Fenix. (4/26/2014 3:07:39 AM)


The flavor text actually ties back to the gameplay. You're facing an opponent's Gorgon enchanted with Lure (or maybe Sisters of Stone Death, with both "Lure" and "deathtouch" already built in). How does a creature save itself? Maybe for just this time, Phenax is exactly who your creature needs help from.
Posted By: sweetgab (4/26/2014 7:44:25 PM)


...then Phenax trolled all of Theros and blinded the gorgon.

Then soldier went merrily on his way and swung for lethal.
Posted By: MagicForDummiez (4/26/2014 10:42:23 AM)


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