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Can go off earlier than a Lava Axe, but your opponent can see it coming and chump block earlier if necessary. Does have constellation going for it, but that's not enough to make this a good card.
Posted By: Purplerooster (4/24/2014 2:38:21 PM)


In an aggressive limited deck, this effectively shrinks their life total by 5, even before you have activated it.
Posted By: Vogie (4/25/2014 7:50:35 AM)


"Font of Ire? You mean Comic Sans?" — Continue

Looking at this card sure feels just as unnerving.

Six mana Lava Axe, divided across two payments with some utility.
Because targeting creatures would have been such a big deal...

Font of Vigor is even worse, and Font of Return is rather janky. Font of Fertility has at least a casting cost of Green, which makes it handy during each phase of the game in a Constellation deck. But 1cc is what all of those aforementioned cards should have been. And three mana for a basic land is still pricy.

Man, this Font cycle is disappointing.

At least Font of Fortunes is a nice Theros-flavored take on Think Twice in enchantment form, I guess...
Posted By: Mode (4/25/2014 5:41:22 PM)


Font of Ire? You mean Comic Sans?
Posted By: Continue (4/24/2014 3:58:19 PM)


You can't get a Lava Axe back with a Nature's Spiral ;)
Posted By: lorendorky (4/25/2014 5:25:16 AM)


Lava Axe, as envisioned by IKEA.
Posted By: TrueKitsonga (4/25/2014 11:26:23 AM)


Paying 1 extra, spaced over two turns, to get out a Lava Axe one turn earlier? And at instant speed? Not a bad thing.
Posted By: RedJaron (4/25/2014 2:20:11 PM)


I don't see why Wizards made this card, or why it's so bad. You almost never want to make it your turn 4 play to sac it, so the added speed on top of Lava Axe isn't worth much. Constellation is worth something, but if you're playing a card just for constellation there are much better commons (Nyxborn Rollicker in the same color triggers Heroic as well as Constellation for the same price, and acts as a buff, a chump blocker and a swarm creature). This could work at 2R to activate, or maybe R for the CMC, or maybe allowing creatures to be targeted, but as a more expensive lava axe? Not particularly useful.
Posted By: r2d2go (4/29/2014 8:40:38 PM)


do you want to know why I like this card?
it's the anticipation. Put it out on turn two, then your opponent just stares at it until it smacks em in the face for 5. It's coming, buddy, and there's not much you can do about it.
or, if you wait Juuusssttt a little longer, you can flash out Dictate of the Twin Gods at the end of their 5th turn. Then they go "Oohhhh shhhhiii...." crack it for 10.
Posted By: ToAsTy42o (4/30/2014 11:32:12 PM)


It's an expensive 5 damage card, which cost 6 mana total for 5 damage.
It only works in agressive decks.
A 2 star finisher card.
Posted By: Melubb (5/3/2014 9:06:13 PM)


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