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"Everyone together now, make sure to smile!"

"Wait, dangit, Muzzio sneezed."

"Really? Do you know how long a daguerreotype takes to reset?!"

As for the card itself, I'm a fan of it, because blue rarely gets creatures that can be pretty big below 6 cmc, especially since using instants and sorceries isn't too difficult for blue. I could see this being used in a UR combo/burn-ish deck, that gets a lot of cheap spells out early, and then plays something like this or Spellheart Chimera for some finishing damage. It can even loot for you if you're durdling! 3.5/5 for me.
Posted By: Kor_Sanctifier (6/3/2014 4:07:10 PM)


I would have thought they'd know to spread out in case of Fireball. Oh wait, that doesn't work in Magic.
Posted By: BloodSpill (6/4/2014 4:59:42 AM)


Considering the fact that Conspiracy is a multiplayer game, this guy could be rather large rather fast. He could be a beater/blocker when needed, and card selection when his beef is no longer needed. In EDH, there are plenty of reasons to want to cycle through the bas stuff, dig for good, get stuff into the grave, and not to mention the counter/token shenanigans. This could could be very good, but I will hold off on a rating until I get to play it.
Posted By: Bbone37 (6/4/2014 8:39:18 AM)


This one seems like the hardest to make gigantic of the cycle, but it is in blue which isn't known for cheap beaters. The utility packed in this is great and I like the dumb hats all the guys in U wear on the plane.
Posted By: anotherfan321 (6/4/2014 2:44:00 PM)


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