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Man, this is an incredible bomb. Being colorless means that you really don't have to think twice too much. And hey, maybe someone'll have Advantageous Proclamation.
Posted By: anotherfan321 (6/4/2014 2:52:26 PM)


This single card scares me.
Multiplayer Limited already seems sketchy as far as not milling yourself is concerned.
This card seems like it just puts it all into overdrive.
Posted By: infernox10 (6/4/2014 1:28:10 AM)


It's been a long time coming, but you're FINALLY in the new frame!... just in time for it to be replaced by another new frame... cutting it close WOTC!
Posted By: BlakeHN (6/4/2014 6:37:34 AM)


This is going to mill people out so quickly in limited it makes me shudder.
Posted By: Sabisent (6/3/2014 3:36:27 PM)


Grimgrin, Corpse-born + Gravecrawler + Rooftop storm = Have fun you kids.
Posted By: BobbySinclair (6/6/2014 4:56:53 AM)


2, Sacrifice a creature: Trigger on-death affects of that creature. Oh, and put some cards in a graveyard too.
Posted By: BloodSpill (6/4/2014 4:18:51 AM)


People who play this card in multiplayer games typically exchange fun stories about how many people they've killed in ONE TURN with this card. How could I possibly give this less than 5/5 with results like that? Personally? My record for this is three deaths in one turn. I had Undead Alchemist, Diregraf Captain, and Undead Warchief out, and played Consuming Aberration. Instantly, an opponent tried to Path to Exile it. While that spell was still on the stack, I used Alchemist's Refuge to flash in Altar of Dementia. I sacrificed the Aberration and made a whole lot of zombies. I sacrificed them and added a whole lot of zombies. That repeated. Meanwhile, Diregraf Captain pinged one guy to death while the other two got milled out. Epic.
Posted By: questionflanger (6/4/2014 11:09:34 AM)


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