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I really like this card, because as its flavor text suggests its a very stylistic spell and can provide for some fabulous plays.
Posted By: TheSwarm (7/10/2010 10:20:25 AM)


Love the flavor text on this card. It is kinda my motto for everything i do:D
Posted By: Saigmundur (1/31/2010 1:45:09 PM)


brilliant with black spells. it's cheap
Posted By: luxma (3/23/2010 6:09:06 AM)


Pretty much overshadowed by Redirect in monocolored decks,
but the flavor text still keeps being awesome.
Posted By: Mode (9/20/2010 8:38:55 AM)


BACK, VILE GOO! *smack*
Posted By: Kryptnyt (3/20/2012 4:09:37 PM)


I love Shunt effects. This is a minor one and not really as good as Swerve but still nice to have.
Posted By: Ace_Rimmer (12/15/2008 11:41:44 PM)


Too narrow, this card. Targeting only creatures and only a single target? Gah.... Granted, you can use it to choose another target for an aura as well, still: far too narrow to be of any use.
Posted By: majinara (1/16/2011 6:22:19 AM)


Yeah but which would you run in a nonred deck, huh?
Posted By: BillyBullshot (11/9/2009 6:00:30 AM)


i agree that it's too narrow of a use to be of any importance in a control deck. that's why i'm replacing it with mischievous quanar
Posted By: RDorothy (8/2/2011 6:22:38 AM)


I am trying to find an Un-Card in Gatherer that I thought for sure existed:

"If target target is targetted by another target target, that target's target is switched with another target target's target until end of turn." is the effect, I THINK but I might not be exact. :p

Does anyone have a faster way of trying to find this card than looking through all FIVE THOUSAND cards in Gatherer that have the word 'target' in the rules text? :p

I would have named the card 'Target Practice' but I searched for that name and that wasn't it :p
Posted By: DarthParallax (6/9/2012 9:03:06 PM)


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