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A deceptively strong effect. Can do silly effects, from tricks with Grandeur to filling up Elves!'s hand (as if it needed filling).
Posted By: bark_at_the_moonn (11/13/2008 6:48:08 PM)


Outside of a combo deck I don't see this going over too well. Green is the least equipped color to deal with enemy creatures.

However it might earn you political points in a multiplayer game? (or not?)
Posted By: Mudbutt_on (11/22/2009 5:46:58 PM)


Good against noncreature decks.
Posted By: JFM2796 (7/31/2011 12:37:31 PM)


Ever play Emperor Magic? Yeah.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (8/7/2011 5:21:12 PM)


Obviously a good multiplayer card.

As long as your best creatures are considerably better than their best creatures (which can often be true in casual) you can cast this with a low value and go to work.
Posted By: Baconradar (10/5/2011 5:20:59 AM)


So a sorcery version of Noble Benefactor that only gets creatues but can scale? Interesting. I think I like the noble more, though, it has surprisingly high power and toughness.
Posted By: sl33tbl1nd (11/9/2011 7:14:53 PM)


In a green/blue deck you could use this paired with Jace's Archivist. Play 4 Scute Mobs then make your openents discard any creatures they may have searched for. Or search for Brawn or Wonder and discard them to get their effects. It has a few uses.
Posted By: Layz (4/21/2012 5:45:06 AM)


No mention of Stranglehold? You (and you allies) now tutor for X creatures.
Posted By: SeaThief (6/3/2013 10:20:03 PM)


That is one angry looking chicken.
Posted By: endersblade (3/26/2014 1:34:26 PM)