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Why is this rated so low? It is one of the best (if not the best) slivers printed. Great in any sliver deck.
Posted By: divine_exodus (10/24/2010 4:35:39 PM)


I use shifting sliver along with metallic and muscle slivers to give boosts and tap multiple to get up to an average of 30+ attack.
Posted By: SeeTeaEss (7/27/2010 2:49:50 AM)


You don't have to give them all trample... Swing with one each turn and pump it enough to kill the blocker as needed. If they let it through, kill them. Simple strategy beats playing overcosted cards that are largely a waste of money any day.
Posted By: OpenSeasonNoobs (11/21/2010 1:39:32 AM)


works great with first or double strike, too bad you can only target other slivers, could work wonders in multi player otherwise. Not that it dosnt work wonders any way
Posted By: bijart_dauth (12/11/2010 1:58:22 PM)


I've heard people expressing different opinions on Magma Sliver. The reason why some people dislike Magma Sliver, is because if you're running Magma Sliver, you can't run Crystaline Sliver in the same deck due to the fact that Crystaline's shroud makes it impossible for you to use Magma Sliver's ability :/
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (3/13/2011 3:44:12 PM)


Fun in EDH. Play heart, shifting, and this, then play your overlord or legion general and swing for lethal general damage as needed. It's a pity about the lack of crystalline, but a canopy cover works fine for individuals.
Posted By: jsttu (7/17/2011 5:43:44 AM)


Sentinel Sliver + this guy = swing with everyone, then tap down everyone on the unblocked sliver.
Posted By: blurrymadness (8/1/2013 8:41:08 AM)


Right. Either try Horned Sliver on the precedent turn, or when not running green consider using the more expensive red alternative, Battering Sliver. Although to be honest i would refuse from using the latter one in general since he's simply overcosted.
Same here with Synchronous Sliver, although when playing blue you could add a Shifting Sliver, which makes yours effectively unblockable. Then they could tap for themselves after attacking to double their power. If you run a Fury Sliver as well then your Slivers will hit your opponent with a pretty nasty double strike.
A simple first strike from the cheap white Talon Sliver sould do a good job with Magma Sliver.
Posted By: Mode (12/7/2009 11:13:17 AM)


The very definition of alpha strike. by the time this guy is down, you should already have the haste, mana, and flying slivers in play, if not more.

T1: metallic.
T2: gemhide, tap metallic for another metallic (or any one drop sliver)
T3: Heart, winged, Magma
T4: Legion, swing with legion (13/13), pump with 5 of your others (one was used to cast him) for 7 per pump, grand total of 48 in the air.

Gotta love slivers. Yeah, it's a god hand and a god draw, but I've pulled similar situations frequently.
Posted By: PolskiSuzeren (10/5/2010 4:55:56 PM)


good with synchronous or a trampler
Posted By: sliverlord5000 (9/19/2009 4:29:10 PM)