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Use with: Cream of the Crop for fun times. For silly times use Argothian Wurm

To get your land back just use: Life from the Loam
Posted By: Mudbutt_on (11/23/2009 12:22:03 AM)


Just wail 'till I get my Leviathan...
Posted By: Paolino (10/7/2011 2:22:40 AM)


Use with blue library re-arrangers to put some massive fatties into play.
Posted By: themicronaut (6/16/2009 2:11:20 AM)


My brother uses this in a Tribal wurm deck he has. Its not a bad card becuse in his case it almost always yeilds a creature. But still, Its rather expensive to pay 4 mana to play the enchantment then another 4 every time you want to try bringing out a creature. Especialy counterproductive when its earlier in the game and you start burying lands. On the plus side though later in the game when you have tons of mana production this can actully help thin out lands.
Posted By: Silverware (8/26/2009 2:05:48 PM)


try it with sylvan library
Posted By: gasimakos1 (5/27/2011 12:39:25 AM)


Like gasimakos1 wrote, use Sylvan Library and all the land fetching sorceries and fetch lands there is. Almost every turn you can arrange so that you draw either a land, land fetcher or utility spell and stack the creature on top. Reveal the top and get the creature then play and fetch a land to thin and suffle library.
Posted By: tavaritz (7/14/2011 11:12:28 AM)


Sensei's Divining Top
Posted By: raptorman333 (11/1/2011 12:06:10 PM)


Worldly Tutor, anyone?
Posted By: Domislice (3/25/2013 9:33:50 AM)


Mirri's Guile or Oracle of Mul Daya or even Mul Daya Channelers
Posted By: MattLynn (4/12/2013 2:34:22 PM)


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