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It goes without saying that this card looks extremely underwhelming if you're forced to play it with no storm count. I would guess that Grapeshot and this are really built to be played in different situations.

You'd go with Grapeshot if you had built your deck to cast a slew of cards on the same turn - it's much more of a combo piece, in my mind. Scattershot, on the other hand, seems like something you'd play to punish your opponent for a combo of his/her own.
Posted By: Leshrac_Nightwalker (10/6/2010 1:07:28 PM)


Grapeshot is a sorcery, so obviously you can only play it on your turn; unless your opponent casts 3 or 4 spells, Storm isn't very useful. However, this card is an instant, so you can lay down three or four weenie creatures and cast Grapeshot to get rid of your opponent's weenies or one 4-toughness creature. Just a thought.
Posted By: keeds4 (12/17/2010 10:14:43 AM)


No hot-shot card but I feel this rating(1.8) is harsh. As an instant can be used to take advantage of others spell use and useful for wiping out a mass of myr or mana generating elves, a common that could be of use in a casual multi-player game.
Posted By: Vishlord (1/24/2011 7:05:44 AM)


People do not realize that all those decks that dump their decks out in one go can be seriously countered by this. Do you realize how many of those elves are 1/1's in a grapeshot deck? This is a counter pick card, it's not the winning card. It has its uses.
Posted By: Pope_Smotage (11/2/2012 5:50:15 PM)


Not really. Because it's an instant, you can trigger it off your opponent's spells. As a result, it was considered very good removal in Limited. If, for example, your opponent has a Skirk Marauder in play and lays down a Reckless One, you can scattershot both of them for 1 damage each.
Posted By: KrosanGardener (6/23/2009 12:30:14 AM)


This compared to Grapeshot is like a Heat Ray compared to Comet Storm.
Posted By: KikiJikiTiki (12/14/2010 5:28:58 PM)


Yeah, instant speed makes a bit difference on storm spells. Not as good as grapeshot, certainly, but it has it's uses.
Posted By: channelblaze (8/9/2010 12:04:24 PM)


grapeshot fail
Posted By: maxzakh (5/31/2009 12:54:26 PM)


imo storm cards are meant to be abused to infinity, anything below is not efficient enough, bluntly said they must win like brain freeze or grapeshot, this card can kill a creature at its best
Posted By: Imperialstonedragon (4/3/2011 3:42:00 AM)


You fools. This + Stuffy Doll counters Grapeshot
Posted By: konokono (11/6/2013 12:36:51 AM)


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